Sunday, March 13, 2011

688. Apologies

Quickly, apologies are offered for the lack of posts. I'm on a hiatus from the Left Bank of the Ohio river near Milepost 606 for a few days. Instead I'm hanging out along the Left Bank of the Potomac River (I think at milepost 96, but I'm not sure). Later this week, I'll be along the East River in New York. Have a good week.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

677. Brief Thoughts - and Tim Meyer is correct.

A necessary prerequisite to perfoming an Act of Civil Disobedience is first fully understanding the law to be disobeyed, and second, acknowledging that, indeed, such a law is current and applicable to the situation.


I know three guys named Tim Meyer, all about the same age. I do not know any of them very well, although I once did. One, the youngest of the three, is Marty Meyer's younger brother, who I've known since he was in grade school, but it would be wrong to say we are friends. Another is a Audubon-area kid that I played softball with in the 1980s. The third is an African-American from Okolona I knew when I was growing up. Back then Okolona was about 94% white, a great contrast from today where it is possible that the Latinos along McCawley Road and Egypt Lane outnumber the blacks. These latter two are my age.

One of those three, or quite possibly another Tim Meyer unknown to me, correctly answered the previous Hidden Location picture. I offered that it would be easy. After all, the previous one was a Manslick Road and I had written a great deal about where all these Manslick Roads were located. Tim correctly identified the picture as the terminus of Manslick Road - neither West nor East - at Palatka Road, where continuing south one is driving upon Saint Andrews Church Road. We'll have another more difficult Hidden Location soon.

Happy March.

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