Sunday, July 9, 2017

801. The G20's Biggest Loser?

The G20 Summit is over. The biggest loser? America.

The speech in Poland, where supporters were bussed in to applaud our president's every word, was the highlight of his visit. As for the G20 Summit itself, the president has left the United States a weaker nation on the international front. We are now where we were prior to President McKinley's expansion of the American Empire. That began in 1896.

America First is only true in one nation. The president's followers, his sheep, may like that, may think this is good putting those smaller players in their places. But we cannot exist in isolation. The president has moved us backwards 121 years. We are the laughingstock of the world and no longer a world power.

Japan and the European Union brokered a deal while the president had Ivanka take his place at the trade table. I'm trying to imagine the outcry if Obama had sat Malia down there or if Clinton had put Chelsea in the same chair. Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Trudeau, and President Macron are now the leaders of the free world. We are a colonial nation, provincial in power, and no longer a player.

When the great powers of the world start placing tariffs on incoming goods and Americans start paying the price for the president's cowardice, what his sheep call bravado, on the international front, and our pocketbooks see our dollars go to support empires in other countries, he will no longer be president. He will be back home in Trump Tower and will have no worries about the 325M people he has left behind and his sheep, his followers, will wonder "What happened? Where is our shepherd to save us?"

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