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704. [Street] names in the news; HL 21 revealed

First, the previous Hidden Location Quiz was solved by Marty Meyer. He correctly identified the intersections of Gray and Clay streets and Payne and Pine streets. Remember, this was a phonetic contest. Gray and Clay are Jefferson County's only two intersecting streetnames which perfectly rhyme. Payne and Pine represent the same consonant sounds with two different long vowel sounds. I thought it was a cute contest.

Below is another one. I'm going to describe several street descriptions, but you have to figure out what they are. Remember, these are [street] names in the news. This puzzle will be most easily answered by residents of Louisville-Jefferson County Metro.

The descriptions are being intentionally grouped a certain way so as to serve as a hint. And while we could have included plural versions or possessive versions of these names, we chose not to. Once you start getting a few, the rest will be easy.

#1 actually has two entries, a Road and a Street. The road is in far-eastern Jefferson County in the Eastwood community. It shows up on maps as a state highway. The street is in the Butchertown neighborhood.

#2 is a short, dead-end Avenue in the Tarascon Woolen Mills subdivision. Much of the woolen mills buildings are still extant and many downtown residents pass them daily.

#3 also has two entries, a Road and a Court. The court is part of the Midlane Park subdivision. It is a dead-end with single family homes at the beginning and apartment buildings in the cul-de-sac. The road is in the Heatherfields subdivision off Crums Lane in Shively.

#4 also has two entries but one of them has been largely abandoned because of noise. Both are Roads. The first in the old Ashton-Adair neighborhood. The second is a short street in the Bell Court (also spelled Belcourt) subdivision near Indianola.

#5 has three entries of which two are connected to each other, an Avenue and a Lane. They are in far-southwestern Jefferson County and all the properties on them are owned by one of two families, Alwes and Gunter. The other, also an Avenue, is in what I call the Prestonia neighborhood but what most people call the Belmar neighborhood which was a later name for the same area.

#6 is an old Avenue is one of the oldest parts of town, Portland. It runs for about eight blocks, with a few breaks, some of which is in the Slevins Addition subdivision.

#7 is a very rural Drive in the southern part of the county settled up against the Jefferson Memorial Forest.

#8 will only get you half-credit. There is no answer to the other-half of the clue. But the first-half is an Avenue in the Middletown area, built up with a combination of houses and condos.

#1 has two entries, a Road and an Avenue. The road is in the Highlands, in different sections of the Valley Vista subdivision, including one section known as Tecumseh. The avenue in the Clifton neighborhood, specifically in what was laid out as McAllister's East subdivision.

#2 has two entries, a Court and a Lane, connected together and a part of the Golden Meadows subdivision off Deering Road near a church formerly known as Our Lady of Consolation.

GROUP THREE - can one make a group?
#1 is an Avenue in an area developed by the German Real Estate and Building Company. I do not know if that word "German" is an adjective for a native of Germany or a proper name. The former is typically pronounced with a "J" sound, the latter, a local common name, pronounced with the gutteral "G" sound. One of the streets intersected by this avenue was once known as Struck Avenue, but is no more.

Your only other clue is there are no answers for the descriptions not listed, including the other-half of Group 1, #8.

Have fun.

Unrelated, today is the birthday of a dear friend, Morgan Ransdell. Happy Birthday, Morgan.

AMENDED CLUE - "Your only other clue is there are no answers for the descriptions not listed, including the other-half of Group 1, #8."

This puzzle could have had a total of 27 answers, 28 if you count the other-half of Group 1, #8.

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