Wednesday, May 21, 2008

336. There's got to be a Morning After - and then some rest

The primaries are over. Obama won Louisville, Clinton won Kentucky, and George Unseld defeated Ken Herndon by a vote of 2093 to 1981 - a 112 vote margin in a 4074 vote race. I believe Ken was winning until an anti-gay mailing attacking both Ken and me went out at the last minute. It was a soft-porn piece along with some false allegations and a photo-shopped picture and was, as it was planned to be, quite damning, and with certainty, it cost Ken the race. Whoever created and paid for the piece got what they paid for.

Questions which need to be answered are:
1) Who would gain by Ken's losing?
2) Who would gain by defaming me?
3) Who prepared the mailing, which was a four-color glossy piece, which is expensive?
4) Who paid for the mailing, which was placed in a plain white envelope and mailed First Class?

The mailing and printing would have total costs of somewhere around $4000.00.

That's the report for the Morning After.

Today marks the birthday of seven friends of mine, some very close, some more distant, one of whom I saw for the first time just two days ago while campaigning in the California neighborhood in Louisville's 6th Council District. Happy Birthday to all of them.

This will be the last entry for a while. Our visitor ticker stands at 12,890. I will be back in a few weeks. Stay tuned.


Paul said...

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog last week, 5/15/08, so I am sorry to read that you plan to disengage from the blog for many weeks. My loss. I may not remember to come back here. I had lots of questions for you as the local primaries arrived and passed. In the meantime, best wishes: The Chroniclerk.

Anonymous said...

I saw Unseld on tv election night - he kept saying this is behind us - this is behind us. People arent going to forget what unseld and bentley did to Ken. This isn't behind us.

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