Thursday, December 11, 2008

421. Trivial Answers, and a highway

Ok, I'm a little pissed that no one bothered to fill out any of my trivia answers. Maybe no one is really reading. So, I am giving you part of it - the trivial part.

The answers are:
a) one who has never held public office -- W. BRUCE LUNSFORD
b) one who has ran as both a Democrat and a Republican -- JOHN YARMUTH
c) one who has been elected in all three branches in two different governments -- IRV MAZE (County Commissioner (legislative), County Attorney (executive), Circuit Judge (state judicial))
d) two who have served in both the state and the federal legislatures -- ANNE NORTHUP (State House, Federal House) and BARACK OBAMA (State Senate, Federal Senate)
f) two who have ran for the old Louisville Board of Aldermen -- JERRY ABRAMSON and JOHN YARMUTH
g) two blacks -- DENISE CLAYTON and BARACK OBAMA
h) two who have ran for Jefferson County Commissioner -- IRV MAZE and JOHN YARMUTH
i) two originally from Okolona -- this one is a mistake I think. If it isn't, the answers are IRV MAZE and DAVID STENGEL, but I think Stengel would be the 11th highest vote-getter. Has to be my mistake because I know a few of these who've probably never been to Okolona.
k) two who have ran as Republicans -- JOHN YARMUTH and ANNE NORTHUP
l) two who presently serve in the only office to which they’ve ever been elected -- SHERIFF JOHN AUBREY and CONGRESSMAN JOHN YARMUTH
m) two sitting judges -- DENISE CLAYTON and IRV MAZE
n) two who commonly go by their middle names -- W. BRUCE LUNSFORD and F. DANIEL MONGIARDO
o) three who won Jefferson County but lost the rest of the state -- W. BRUCE LUNSFORD (2008), F. DANIEL MONGIARDO (2004), and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (2008)
p) three whose first name begins with the letter J -- JOHN AUBREY, JOHN YARMUTH, and JERRY ABRAMSON
r) eight presently in office -- This one is wrong. It should say seven who are in office. Lunsford is the odd-man out, but I had originally included Obama, failing to remember that he had resigned his now very controversial United States Senate seat.
s) eight Kentuckians (although at least two of them were born in other states) -- All but PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA, who was born in Hawaii. IRV MAZE was born in Indiana.
t) and one is listed twice, but for two different offices -- IRV MAZE, as County Attorney and at the top of the list as Circuit Judge.

Thanks for playing anyway.


Unrelated, today being entry #421, I could have written about one of Kentucky's forgotten US highways, US421, which meanders across the Commonwealth in a northcentral to southeast direction in anything but a straight line. From Louisville, the closest points to intercept it are in Trimble County at US42 in Bedford, or in Franklin County down along Wilkinson Boulevard in one of Kentucky's original settlements, Leestown, which was later made a part of Frankfort.

But, I didn't. I gave you some trivia instead.


I'll be back soon.

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James Walter Moore said...

We're reading, Jeff - But we're a little too busy for pop quizzes... :-o

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