Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live from the Marriott Wardley Park in Washington, DC - The Obama Era

Briefly, as this is a costly computer.

Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Your presence is both missed and felt.
Thank you, President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Your presence is both missed and felt.

These two people and the efforts they took in the 1960s are writ large upon the body politic of the world today as Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States.

Back on Election Night, when a lot of us were together at the Yarmuth Party in the Waterfront Park Building down by the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606, a lot of tears of joy and hope were shed as state-by-ste, the Obama win sprtead across the Republic, each of those states coming after the Kentucky voters registered their "red" preference. We cried a lot that night.

It has all be replicated over and over today as more tears have been shed, this time with people I don't know from all over the United States and more than a few other countries. I've spoken with people from at least 21 states so far and there will be more once we go out on the town tonight here in the Nation's Capital.

I am having the time of my life, even though not all has gone exactly as planned. But no one can doubt it is a good day to be an American, and for the first time in many years, that sentiment is shared by many non-Americans.

Thank you Barack Obama.

Thanks Be To God.

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I am so excited reading this.thanks so much for sharing.

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