Sunday, June 21, 2009

498. Solstice

In the tradition of the late Colonel R. K. Walker, who at the beginning of each new season would pen a Letter to the Editor of the Courier-Journal, I offer the following:

Today begins the season of Summer in the northern hemisphere for 2009. It began about 1:45 am. Today will technically be the longest day of the year as we crossed a cardinal point in the Earth's annual rotation around our own personal star, which we call the Sun.

Summer runs from now until late September. We'll have another celebration then as that date will coincide with my last birthday before, in one year, I cross my own cardinal point, out of the first half-century of my life.

Today, in the United States, we are also celebrating Father's Day. I will be visiting my father here shortly. I will also see my brother, who is the father of six. To all of you, Happy Father's Day.

While seeing my father and brother today, my family will also be celebrating the birthday of my oldest niece, Lindsey, who arrived as a Father's Day gift to my brother 22 years ago. She actually arrived on a Wednesday if I remember correctly.

Enjoy the long day.

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