Friday, July 3, 2009

505. Palin and Greenberg, over and out

Does anyone else think Sarah Palin is just plain nuts? I know she is attactive. I know all the Tea-Party people are big supporters of hers. But anyone who listened to her resignation speech today has to wonder about her sanity, her ability to stay on message, her ability to speak in complete sentences, and, finally not to mention her ability to complete even one single term as governor of Alaska. Was this a prelude to Palin 2012? God help her, the Republican Party, and the American people if that happens.

Closer to home, another race has been forming up, albeit mostly behind the scenes and in the corridors of power at 601 W. Jefferson Street, that race being who will succeed His Honor the Mayor of Louisville-Jefferson County Metro on January 1, 2011. The guy I would like to have supported, Craig Greenberg, has today called me to say he won't be a candidate. That is unfortunate. His explanation, unlike that of Governor Palin, was succinct and sensible and, regretfully, I respect his decision. That leaves a field of perhaps four, at least on the Democratic side. There are probably two or three across the aisle as well.

2010 will be an interesting year in Kentucky. We will have the chance to replace our very senior junior United States Senator with one of two Democrats, each of whom has a birthday tomorrow or the 5th. We may also have a new mayor here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606, something we have only had twice in the last twenty-five years.

But for now all that is months away. The filing deadline is in January. But we should know who all is running before this month is over, surely in time for fun and fundraising come the First Saturday in August when all political eyes in the state will turn toward Graves County and Fancy Farm.

Until then, Happy Fourth of July.

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Bruce Maples said...

Sarah Palin makes George W. Bush sound like James Earl Jones or Carl Sagan. She is the Peter Principle in living, winking color.

As for the mayor's race -- here's a question for you. Are there any non-political people who could run and actually win? First-timers, perhaps, with enough money or name or story to make up for a lack of base?

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