Wednesday, December 9, 2009

573. Democratic Party Party

The Jefferson County Democratic Party in cooperation with and coordination by the Metro Democratic Club held its annual Holiday Party tonight at the American Legion Hall on Bardstown Road. Approximately 140 people attended. Roast Beef and Gravy were supplied by the club and everyone was asked to bring a dish and from the amount of food present, everyone did.

There was no official business, just a lot of good food, lots of political conversation, and more than a little good-natured ribbing between opposing camps in the Louisville Metro Mayor's race. The top elected official present was Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo who worked the room over and over throughout the evening. Two of the four mayoral candidates were present - David Tandy and Greg Fischer. Several representatives of the Jim King campaign were there, led by Jonathan Hurst who is always delightful, even (or especially) when we are in competing camps.

The event was cosponsored by several local elected officals. They were Congressman John Yarmuth, Sheriff John Aubrey, PVA Tony Lindauer (who was present), Representative Joni Jenkins, Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (who was present), 38th District Senatorial candidate Marty Meyer (who was present), 25th District Council candidate David Yates (who was present), Circuit Clerk David Nicholson (who was present), Senator Perry Clark (who was present), Speaker Pro-Tem Larry Clark, Representative Charlie Miller, Representative Mary Lou Marzian, [my] Representative Darryl Owens (who was present), Councilwoman Madonna Flood, my boss Councilman Brent Ackerson (who was present), Senator Denise Harper Angel (who was present), Representative Steve Riggs (who was present), Representative Tom Riner (who was present), 41st District House candidate Mike Slaton (who was present), and mayoral candidate David Tandy (who was present). Greg Fischer's wife donated a large gift box suitable for a young girl, which was won by David Yates but managed to go home with the young daughter of Judge Mason Trenamon. Other members from the bench besides Judge Trenamon were Circuit Judge Olu Stephens and District Judges Claude Prather, Shelia Collins, Jennifer Wilcox, Erica Lee Williams, and Ann Bailey Smith. Retired Judge Judy Bartholomew was also present. Three candidates for judge were also present, Stephanie Burke, Christine Ward, and Dee McDonald. (What would a judicial election in Jefferson County without a McDonald on the ballot?) Also present were Councilwoman Marianne Butler, State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach, Representative Dennis Horlander, 37th House candidate Jeff Donahue, and 23rd Council candidate John Sommers. There may have been others, but these were the ones I recognized and announced as the night progressed.

The party lasted about 2 1/2 hours. It was a very good night, something we needed after the massive legislative failure of the Party the previous night in central and eastern Kentucky. We tried not to talk about it.

The next meeting of the Metro Democratic Club will be January 13, 2010 when the discussion will be on the current Ethics legislation before the Metro Council. Speakers will be Councilmembers Marianne Butler and Brent Ackerson.

Here is a link to pictures taken by Ray Crider at last night's party.

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