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696. The ups and downs of getting to and from Fancy Farm, Kentucky - the second of two unrelated entries

This will be a boring entry for most of my seven faithful readers. It is an exercise in geographic names, inspired by Dr. Tom Owen and, unrelated, some Facebook postings I made yesterday and Friday during my trek to and from west Kentucky.

At least twice, most recently on two tours of Jefferson County with then-candidate and later the elected Louisville mayor Greg Fischer, Tom Owen has announced at the crest of certain hills that "we were now leaving the Pond Creek watershed and entering the Pennsylvania Run Creek watershed." That may not have been the exact words to one of them, but then again it might have been at that crest along the Outer Loop between Okolona and Highview, in front of the old abandoned Hi-Li Swim Club property. According to Dr. Owen, and I agree, knowing your watersheds is an important part of knowing your community. I'm sure Mayor Fischer came to agree whilst on these two trips, if he didn't already before Dr. Owen's discussion. As a note, the states of Virginia and Tennessee, and perhaps others, mark their major watershed divisions along their Eisenhower Interstate System Highways.

The second inspriration for this boring entry which is to follow rises out of several Facebook updates made when crossing Kentucky's waterways to and from Fancy Farm, the first of which, I believe, was "Crossing the Cumberland." The first one would have been "Crossing the Green" but I had no signal at that point along the Western Kentucky Parkway.

So, what follows are not the watersheds, a la Dr. Owen, but the names of the creeks, forks, rivers, and other bodies of water crossed along my weekend journey of just over five hundred miles. As I said, it will be boring to most - just a litany of names. I'd appreciate, though, any comments you might have on any of them. I'll list them by county in the order they were crossed. As a note, my journey began in South Louisville around 3rd Street and the Watterson Expressway.

Northern Ditch
Southern Ditch (Pond Creek)
Fishpool Creek
Mud Creek

Brooks Run
Clear Run
Blue Lick Creek
Salt River
Barley Creek
Crooked Creek
Cain Run
alongside Paradise Lake
Rolling Fork of Salt River

Patty Creek
Brown Branch
Broad Run
Cole Creek
Valley Creek
West Rhudes Creek
alongside Boiling Spring

Clifty Creek
Laurel Branch of Bear Creek
South Fork of Caney Creek
Buck Creek
Dog Creek
Brown's Branch of Caney Creek


Dogwalk Branch of Indian Camp Creek
North Prong of Indian Camp Creek
Sixes Creek
Wild Branch of Sixes Creek
Hickory Konb Fork of Muddy Creek
Threelick Fork
Lewis Creek
Green River

Little Cypress Creek (two crossings)
Thompson Creek
Pond River

alongside Long Pond
Drakes Creek
Flat Creek Ditch
alongside Bold Duck Spring
Pleasant Run
Fox Run
Cane Run
Lambs Creek Ditch
North Fork of the Tradewater River
East Fork of the Tradewater River
alongside Beshear Spring
Tradewater River

East Fork of the Flynn Fork of the Tradewater River
Ward Creek
Wiley Creek

Poplar Creek
Flat Creek
Cumberland River

Tennessee River

cypress Creek
Little John Creek
Bloodyshin Branch of Cypress Creek
Eggner's Branch
East Fork of the Clarks River
Smith Creek
Soldier Creek
Bowie Branch of Soldier Creek
Dry Branch of Soldier Creek
alongside Hale Spring
West Fork of the Clarks River
Moss Branch of the West Fork of the Clarks River

Ray Branch of Panther Creek
Panther Creek
Pryor Branch of Panther Creek
Mayfield Creek
Key Creek
West Fork of Mayfield Creek

----- Arrival at Fancy Farm in Graves County
----- Departing from Fancy Farm in Graves County

West Fork of Mayfield Creek
Kess Creek
Mayfield Creek
alongside Little Mayfield Creek
Minnow Branch of Watson Creek

Sand Lick Branch of the West Fork of the Clarks River
West Fork of the Clarks River
Bee Creek
East Fork of the Clarks River
Jonathan Creek
Little Jonathan Creek
Coal Creek
The Kentucky Lake on the Tennessee River

Elbow Creek
Elbow Bay
Lake Barkley on the Cumberland River
Caney Creek
Little River
Stillhouse Branch of the Little River
Steele Branch of the Sinking Fork of the Little River

Sinking fork of the Little River
North Fork of the Little River
South Fork of the Little River

West Fork of the Red River

Whippoorwill Creek
Dry Fork of Whippoorwill Creek (two crossings)
Town Branch of the Mud River
Mud River
alongside Hancock Lake
Patterson Creek

Brushy Fork
Richland Creek
Renfrow Creek
Big Branch of Renfrow Creek
Green River
Lindsey Creek
East Prong of the Indian Camp Creek
Wolfpen Hollow
Honey Fork of Welch's Creek

Dog Creek
Buck Creek

- Returning to the WK Parkway and Jefferson County in reverse order from above.

Any comments? Any one have any stories, particularly of the smaller waterways? Just curious. Thanks for reading. Happy sailing.

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