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722. Jefferson County Democrats

The blog's last entry concerned the filing deadline for the local Democratic Executive Committee. As it turns out, it may or may not have been extended based on Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd's extension of the legislative filing date, on which the local filing date is based. Judge Shepherd extended those filing to Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.

Congressional filings were extended by the legislature last week to Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 4:00 p.m.

All other filing deadlines were yesterday at 4:00 p.m. So, while there exists the possibility that there will be more filings, we do know about the following filings for the local Democratic Party and Jefferson County's elective offices. Below is a listing of all of those. Incumbents are denoted by an (i). All of these Democrats should be applauded for taking these efforts toward election to partisan or elective offices.


10th Legislative District (LD) Chair - Russell Lloyd, Mark Suna
10th LD Vice Chair - Victoria Lloyd
10th LD At-Large -

28th LD Chair - Michael Bowman
28th LD Vice Chair - Julie Hardesty
28th LD At-Large - Richard Everett

29th LD Chair - Allsion Amon (i)
29th LD Vice Chair - Michael Amon, O'Dell Henderson
29th LD At-Large - Kathy Wright, O'Dell Henderson

30th LD Chair - Jim Stammerman (i)
30th LD Vice Chair -
30th LD At-Large -

31st LD Chair - Caroline Franklin
31st LD Vice Chair -
31st LD At-Large - Peggy Bass

32nd LD Chair - Jeff Barr (i)
32nd LD Vice Chair - Barbara Meyers (i)
32nd LD At-Large - Andy Reynolds, Daniel Grossberg

33rd LD Chair - Kim Greenwell
33rd LD Vice Chair - Jerry Ferguson
33rd LD At-Large - Marie Geary

34th LD Chair - Anne Lindauer (i), Bennett Knox
34th LD Vice Chair - Shawn Riley, Joanna Erny, Ron Sheffer
34th LD At-Large - Jeremy Morris

35th LD Chair - Colleen Younger
35th LD Vice Chair -
35th LD At-Large -

37th LD Chair - Jeff Donohue, Virginia Woodward
37th LD Vice Chair -
37th LD At-Large -

38th LD Chair - Marianne Butler (i)
38th LD Vice Chair - Bill Meeks (i)
38th LD At-Large - Tim Firkins (i)

40th LD Chair - Lauren Ingram, Dennis Horlander
40th LD Vice Chair - Gail Linville
40th LD At-Large - John Crawford

41st LD Chair - Lesa Dae (i), Gordon Stoudemire
41st LD Vice Chair -
41st LD At-Large -

42nd LD Chair - Reginald Meeks (i), Pamela Osborne
42nd LD Vice Chair -
42nd LD At-Large - Dave Seutholz

43rd LD Chair - Clarence Yancey (i)
43rd LD Vice Chair - Queenie Averette (i)
43rd LD At-Large - Carl Bensinger (i)

44th LD Chair - Nicole Candler
44th LD Vice Chair - Steve Fein
44th LD At-Large -

46th LD Chair - John Sommers (i)
46th LD Vice Chair - Caroline Sommers (i)
46th LD At-Large -

48th LD Chair - Michael Garton, Lawrence Winburn
48th LD Vice Chair -
48th LD At-Large - Amy Lowen


10th House - Teena Hlabig, Mark Suna
28th House - Charles Miller (i)
29th House -
30th House - Thomas Burch (i)
31st House - Steve Riggs (i)
32nd House -
33rd House - Rick Hiles
34th House - Mary Lou Marzian (i)
35th House - Jim Wayne (i)
37th House - Jeff Donohue, Wade Hurt (i)
38th House - Denver Butler
40th House - Dennis Horlander (i)
41st House - Tom Riner (i)
42nd House - Reginald Meeks (i)
43rd House - Darryl Owens (i)
44th House - Joni Jenkins (i)
46th House - Larry Clark (i)
48th House -

19th Senate - Gary Demling, Duran Hall
33rd Senate - Gerald Neal (i)
35th Senate - Denise Harper-Angel (i), Curtis Morrison
37th Senate - Steve Bittenbender, Dan Johnson, Robert D. Walker


Commonwealth's Attorney - Tom Van De Rostyne, Tom Wine, Carol Cobb, Steve Ryan

Circuit Court Clerk - David Nicholson (i)

B District Commissioner - Alex Clements (i)

C District Commissioenr - Steve Fein (i)

1st Metro Council District (MCD) - Special Election - Rosa Macklin, Janis Carter Miller, Steve Colston, Attica Woodson Scott (i), Ray Barker, James Ponder
2nd MCD - Barbara Shanklin (i), Yvonne Woods, Rose Robinson
4th MCD - David Tandy (i)
6th MCD - David James (i)
8th MCD - Tom Owen (i), Bryan Mathews, Mason Roberts
10th MCD - Jim King (i)
12th MCD - Rick Blackwell (i)
14th MCD - Earl Yocum, Mark Romines, Ray Pierce, Cindi Fowler, Tom Childers
16th MCD - Tim Martin
18th MCD - Teague Ridge
20th MCD - J. Joseph Cohen
22nd MCD - Robert Zoeller, Jr.
24th MCD - Madonna Flood (i)
26th MCD - Brent Ackerson (i) - my boss.

Shively City Council - Maria D. Johnson (i), Delbert Vance (i), Dale Dummitt (i), Ronnie Wathen (i), Kimberly Williams (i), Rose Mary Renn (i), Chester Burrell, Beverly Burton

Finally, while not a partisan office, I wish to acknowledge the filing for the Kentucky Court of Appeals by my longtime friend and former boss Circuit Court Judge Irv Maze.

Two other Democrats' names will appear on the Jefferson County ballot this fall. John Yarmuth (i) is a candidate for reelection as Third District Congressman. The other one isn't even a Kentuckian. His name is Barack Obama (i). I am supporting both of their bids for reelection.

These are some of the Democrats willing to make a difference in Jefferson County.

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