Friday, July 13, 2012

743. A little more Louisville street trivia

This one may be too easy.  Curtis Morrison thought the last one was easy and quickly responded with an incorrect answer.

There are, to my knowledge, four answers to the following question.

Louisville is well known for streets which change names here and there.  We've previously written about such changes.  Most of the street name changes are at an intersection with some other street or, perhaps, a railroad.  Examples are Frankfort Avenue to Shelbyville Road (at Breckenridge Lane or Meridian Avenue), Breckenridge Lane to Chenoweth Lane (at Frankfort Avenue/Shelbyville Road), Baxter Avenue to Newburg Road (at Shady Lane) and Newburg Road to Buechel Bank Road (at Shepherdsville Road), Mt. Holly Road to West Manslick Road (at Fairdale Road), East Manslick Road to South Park Road (at Preston Highway), and Preston Street to Preston Highway (at Clark's Lane).  There are many others.  Some other of the name changes are the effects of road realignments.  Examples here include Saint Andrews Church Road to Greenwood Road (at Dixie Highway), 7th Street Road to Manslick Road and its companion, Berry Boulevard to 7th Street Road, Hill Street to Burnett Avenue (at Preston Street), and River Road to Bingham Way, technically an entirely new intersection that didn't exist before the realignment (and closure) of River Road from 1st Street to Preston Street.

Today's little quiz has four answers, or so I believe.  Here is the question:  Which streets change names in between intersections, that is in the course of the road after having intersected one street and before having intersected another?  the middle of a block, between two other street intersection, but not at an intersection.  One of these four sets of street names arguably doesn't fit because there should be a street where the name changes, it just doesn't exist.  Technically, the fourth one isn't really a name change.

So, what are the three (and arguably four) sets of names?  And, don't pull a Curtis and make a quick guess, unless you know you are right.  Although, to be fair, Curtis should get one of these right off the bat.


colleen said...

Winter Avenue to Oak Street is one.

Jeff Noble said...

No, Winter changes names, twice, at an intersection, Barret on one end and Baxter on the other. Keep trying. -- JN

Curtis Morrison said...

Colleen, funny, the intention of the clue was to trip me with your answer as I live a few hundred feet of said street.

Okay, next time Jeff, you might want to do a better job of defining "intersection." Here's 9. I estimate there are 40 more but I have a lot of good work to do to save the world. So I'm done.

Girard to Greenway
Northwood to Parkdale
Deebet to Breckinridge Square
Abigail to Ephraim McDowell
Commander to Brockton
Sheila to Norma
Norma to Alice
Monstrose to Gardiner Lane
Bent Creek Dr to Indian Creek Ct

Jeff Noble said...

Well, no, Curtis, you are not done. The only one of these which qualifies is Deebet to Breckinridge Square. The rest are subdivision streets which change names at a right angles, a common occurrence on any map, and as such are wrong. Perhaps I should have defined intersection more distinctly, but I didn't - it is my quiz and my blog. But, I'll give you credit for Deebet which does meet the criteria I was seeking as there is no definite corner of Deebet and Breckinridge, the latter of which I will note you correctly spelled, as it was named back when the "lane" nearby was spelled with a median "i" as opposed to an "e" as it is at present.

By the way, your comments to Colleen are unfounded. The one you were supposed to get right off the bat wasn't Winter as it is an incorrect answer. I suspected you might get one of the correct answers right off the bat, that of W. Shipp and W. Lee. At one time, Lee ended at Shipp, which at one time extended further southeast, so even this one may not qualify.

Thus, there are two (or three) remaining. Take time out saving the world and figure them out. -- JN

Garton said...

How about:

Northwestern Pkwy to Southwestern Pkwy?

Litterle Rd. to Story Ave.?

N 18th St & Nelligan (The Intersection south of 64)?

In the same neighborhood, the 42/31E/60 soup that is E Main, Story, and Baxter is tempting, but I don't think it counts.

How about the Cardinal/Brandeis Ave nonsense? They don't seem to have consistent signage, so maybe that's one you were thinking of....

What's up with Cane Run Rd. & Lower River Rd?

Jeff Noble said...

Yes, that is the one I'm counting but probably shouldn't because it divides where Main should be but isn't.

Litterle, or Letterle to Story would count, I suppose, if there were an intersection at the other (northern) end of the former, but there isn't. One can't drive to the next intersection, so I'm not counting that.

The Cardinal/Brandeis nonsense is one of those road realignments I disqualified from the beginning.

Cane Run Road, which is often erroneously called Lower River Road in its lower extremities, never actually meets the latter. Johnsontown Road intersects and separates the two different roads.

So, there is still one remaining.

Curtis Morrison said...

S. 7th Street to S. 9th Street.

Curtis Morrison said...

E Kenwood and W Kenwood.

Curtis Morrison said...

West River Rd and Bingham Way.

Dorothy Howard said...

St. Catherine to Mary St.

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