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P8. Prayers of the People from June 26, 2011

The following were the Prayers of the People written for Advent Parish for June 26, 2011 - the eighth in a series.  See Entry #736 for a full explanation.


We, the children of God, come now in prayer, seeking guidance, peace, mercy, and grace, responding to O Lord Our Provider, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for God’s people throughout the world, seeking light for their eyes and peace for their families.  We pray for the daily needs of all created in your image, praying O Lord Our Provider, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for peace and understanding among the nations.  We pray for our own women and men in uniform.  We pray for those rebuilding after storms in Louisville and throughout the nation.  We seek the well-being of all people, praying O Lord Our Provider, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for the poor, the sick, the hungry, the downtrodden.  We pray for the unemployed and underemployed.  We pray for those in prisons of any kind.  We pray for those in need of healthcare, of friendship, of peace.  We pray for our own efforts at funding the programs of Advent Parish, to address our ministry of providing the pantry needs of those in our midst, praying O Lord Our Provider, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for our friends in Christ.  In the Anglican Communion we pray for the Province of Niger, Nigeria.  We pray for the All Saints Center and Episcopal Youth Event in the Diocese of Kentucky.  We pray for our partners and friends in the Highland Community Ministries at Metropolitan Community Church.  We ask your blessings upon each of their missions and all of their members, praying O Lord Our Provider, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for ourselves, our Advent Parish, our bishop Terry, our rector Tim, and all those providers of your blessings to those who pass through our red doors on Baxter Avenue.  We pray for the success of our program celebrating the visit of Bishop Robinson in July.  We also pray especially for [names go here].  We seek peace for all those in need, praying O Lord Our Provider, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for those who have brought us to this place, our deceased families and friends, for those lost to wars and conflict, for those lost to famine or weather events, and for all who have passed from this life to the Church Eternal, and for all of those they have left behind, praying O Lord Our Provider, Hear Our Prayer.

O Lord our Provider throughout the ages, lead us in the days ahead, healing our wounds, fulfilling our needs, bringing peace and mercy and grace, now and forever, AMEN.

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