Sunday, January 8, 2017

798. Trump's one solid rock - Putin.

Next weekend President-Elect Trump becomes President Trump. It will be interesting to see what else he flip-flops on between now and then. Since the campaign there have been a number of things. He's flipped on prosecuting Hillary. "Lock her up" was just for show. He's flipped on Obama going from "he's the most ignorant president in history" to "I have great respect and will seek his counsel." He's flipped on gay marriage changing his mind as to appointing justices who might flip the current law. He's flipped on illegal immigrants from throwing out all 11 million to working on the 3 to 4 million who are proven criminals, something I agree with him on. He flipped on his feelings for the Electoral College calling it "a disaster" before the election and, well, afterwards understandably calling it "genius." He flipped on settling the Trump University case, saying in March "I won't settle" but settling nonetheless for $25M in September. He's even flipped on Obamacare, going from "It has to go on Day One" to agreeing with Sen. Rand Paul that it should not be repealed until there is something to replace it with. Incidentally, Day One was last week. And the big one, the Wall. Mexico was going to pay for the Wall - not just a fence, but a Wall, a big Wall. Now Americans are going to pay for it at a cost of about $10.7M a mile and we're going to beg Mexico to reimburse us. Oh brother. But there is one thing the President-Elect has never wavered on - his undying support and alliance with Vladimir Putin and the Russian state. He continues to defend Russia even against our our intelligence and military officials. As Andy Rooney would say, "Why is that?"

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