Tuesday, May 22, 2007

105. Vote Early, Vote Often - If you can.

I went to vote this morning around 6:15 am but couldn't. The poll wasn't yet opened as one of the workers, the one with the "black bag" had not yet arrived. For several years, I've tried to be among the first two or three voters in my precinct, but knew that by 6:15 I wouldn't be this time. I was wrong. No one had voted yet in L-113, so I've gone on about other business and will cast my ballot later in the day. Wendell Ford always says to "Vote Early and Vote Often." I tried.


Nick Stump said...

I voted today around 3:00 PM. Turnout was said to be light. Where's all those talking progressives when we need them?

Anonymous said...

I consider myself progressive however with no candidate fitting that mold it was tough to choose. I went with Beshear only to dodge the sleaze factor but my heart was with Miller.


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