Friday, May 25, 2007

107. Briefly

The news is still political.

Steve Beshear will recommend Jonathan Miller to replace Jerry Lundergan as chair of the State Democratic Party. Can Jonathan shout? Has he ever shouted?

Steve Beshear will recommend Jennifer Moore to replace Joni Jenkins as Vice Chair. Excellent choice. Excellent.

Mark Nickolas is leaving town, removing to Montana. Interesting. One of my faithful readers had informed me of this possibility some time ago.

Big Unity Rally in Frankfort yesterday. Lots of accolades for outgoing Party Chair Lundergan, including some from Mongiardo, Beshear, and Miller. Interesting.

Long weekend coming up. My oldest nephew Jacob graduates from Southern High School today. Congratulations, Jacob.

Happy Memorial Day. Visit your relatives in a graveyard, do some decorating. My grandmother always called this Decoration Day.

That's all.

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Nick Stump said...

Yes,we call it Decoration Day too. I'll be visiting Cave Hill. For me it's a comfort to know my parents are so close.

It was a consideration they made so they would be close to me and mine instead of going to the family graveyard in Stillwater, KY. That graveyard is the Adams graveyard, (our in-laws one generation back) and they're already complaining about the space my side of the family is taking up. (note: there are rumors of a favorite pig buried there and that's all I need to know about the Adams graveyard)

I like that my parents are there at Cave Hill with so many people, past governors, Col. Sanders and my childhood favorite, Joseph Altsheler, the author of the Young Trailers series, a set of juvinelle historial novels about the settlement of Kentucky I read when I was about eight years old.

It's a grand cemetery. I like to go commune with all the Civil War soldiers and generally just like to mosey around the place. I often walk there and it's as fine a resting place as I've seen.

I will there myself someday--but I'm in no hurry. God? Did you get that last sentence. No hurry at all.

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