Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Edition

Note: Blogging from an undisclosed location in Germantown, somewhere along East Oak Street between the railroad tracks and Beargrass Creek.

1. Tomorrow school starts for my nieces and nephews who are still in school. I spent part of the morning with the three youngest, along with their father (my brother) and their grandmother (my mother). We had a sort of Christmas morning affair with new backpacks, clothes, pencils, note pads, crayons, and snacks. Aubreana, Kevin, and Elijah are in the 3rd grade,1st grade, and Head Start at Gavin H. Cochran Elementary in Old Louisville. I have one older niece who will be starting 5th grade at Crosby Middle School tomorrow.

2. Friday was Corporate - specifically Banking - Welfare Day. My friend Ken Herndon has used the line in the past that politicians like Anne Northup, Dick Cheney, and others really do support government welfare, just not for poor folks. Friday came proof. With the banking industry struggling under the effects of its own lending programs and on the verge of collapse, and after a falling off along Wall Street for three consecutive days, the Federal Reserve dipped into the federal reserves and bailed the banks out to the tune of $38,000,000,00.00 - that 38 with a Big B after it. That's Welfare for the Wealthy.

3. I didn't acknowlege Barry Bonds' history making last week and I am still deciding if I am going to or not. Meanwhile, keep on swinging A-Rod.

4. I also didn't acknowledge the 100 degree plus weather we've been having mostly because it is rather unpleasant for an overweight middle aged blogger with high blood pressure. Am I whining? Yes.

5. The Kentucky Department of Transportation has announced that the Kennedy Bridge painting is going to be completed by September 2008. For those of you from the last generation, the bridge painting has been going on since Moses parted the Red Sea. Well, not quite. The current repainting project, the first since the 1970s, was started when Paul Patton was governor in 1999. Don't hold your breath. Besides, how many states have an overhanging canopy on their bridges to welcome people in?

Tha't all for now. As I said, no new pics due to the location of the posting.

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Intesting fact that the bridge will finally be painted just in time to be declared unusable since this mornings news reported there were structural issues, although the bridge was still usable. Isn't that what the people in MN believed?


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