Monday, October 15, 2007

203. The last two weeks of October

I went to my mother's over the weekend. Her neighborhood was having a yard sale - several different houses offering items they don't need to people who think they do. I visited around - I think they mostly sell to each other, as her subdivision is a single U-shaped street (albeit with three names for the three different sides of the U) with access to no street other than the one at each end of the U, which is South Park Road.

While at my mom's I closed the pool. It had already started accumulating leaves and for the first time since she has had it, I do not believe anyone went swimming in it this year. Of course, today it is supposed to be back in the 80s, so there may have been one more potential day to do so, but no. Swimming season is over.

And darkness prevails on the way in to work. That'll last for a few more days, then we'll set the clocks back [remember Spring forward, Fall back] and another hour will magically appear one morning, but it too will slip back into darkness as we'll pass through the season of Fall and toward the season of Winter.

But first, we have a little election to hold. The Democratic contenders (with the exception of one named Williams who is running for Agriculture Commissioner) all seem to be in position to take office, either in December for Steve Besehar and Dan Mongiardo, or in January for all the others. The only race which is something of an upset will be that of Bruce Hendrickson, in line to beat the Republican's shining star, incumbent Secretary of State C. M. "Trey" Grayson, III.

I spent a few hours over the weekend delivering the last of the Beshear signs I had been assigned to precincts in the 41st Legislative District where I live, as well as the ten I had left for Jack Conway, which went up in my usual list of houses, people who I call twice a year, and with little exception, always say yes when I ask "Can I put so-and-so's sign in your yard?" One of those folks I visited over the weekend told me he had been canvassed by the well-orchestrated Democratic Co-ordinated Campaign and his response when they asked who he was for was "whatever Democrats Jeff tells me to be for." He got a Conway and a Beshear sign.

Events this week include a Debate Party tonight in the Red Room at Flanagan's on Baxter Avenue, a rally for Conway on Wednesday in front of the Marriott at 2nd and Jefferson, and more yard sign delivering wherever they send me.

Someday I may tire of these last few weeks before an election. A string of losing years headed me in that direction, but, like the leaves this time of year, the political leaves are turning in my favor. Winning the Third Congressional District in 2006 was a huge victory, setting us up for this win in two weeks in Frankfort. The big prizes come next year as a Democratic candidate will be nominated to bring to an end the lunacy and unconstitutionality of the Bush/Cheney junta currently occupying the Executive Branch of government in Washington, DC. There is also the matter of the Senior Senator currently representing the Commonwealth.

Redemption draweth nigh

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Anonymous said...

Yarmouth is a dual citizen of Israel. His agenda is not what Kentucky or America needs.

Wake up, Jeff.

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