Saturday, October 18, 2008

399. Late Seating on Main Street

Last night my friend Preston and I took in the Late Seating performance at Actors' Theater of Louisville, downtown on W. Main Street. This is the third season for the Late Seating series, supporting a variety of local art and artists.

Last night's performances began at 10:30 pm with a 1940s style radio-script, the kind you hear if you, like me, are a regular listener to Garrison Keillor and a Prarie Home Companion on American Public Media (WFPL, 89.3 here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606). The acting troupe, one of whose number is a friend of mine, came complete with an organ player and sound effects guy. It was a cute script about an invasion of Detroit. Imagine, invading Detroit - intentionally. We needn't worry. The world is safe.

That was followed by a brief conversation with the leader of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society. They are into places like the Waverly Hills Sanitarium. Jay Gravatte, a friend who is a waiter at my favorite local eatery, the Third Avenue Cafe, at Third and Oak streets, is also a part of this organization.

This was followed by a short performance with three actors and a teddy bear, set in an airport waiting area. It had an interesting ending.

An interview with Ashley Cecil, the Painting Activist, came next. Early in the life of this blog, one of Ashley's pieces was featured, as I recall someting from Corydon, Indiana. You should check out her website,, for more information. She is a very interesting artist.

After an intermission, music was provided by Dangerbird, a Louisville-based foursome - drums and three guitars, two singers. The rock music was heavy on guitar jam sessions, something I really liked. They are a mixture of Allman Brothers, Skynard, Led Zeppelin, and some dreamy Jackson Browne, with a lead singer sounding remarkably like Axl Rose, who I like. I really enjoyed the band.

Eventually the night came to an end, by this time being early the next morning. Preston went on his way, and I went to the local Taco Bell for my Fourth Meal before retiring.

Dangerbird is playing tonight at the Rudyard Kipling, one of Louisville's most original venues, just west of Fourth Street on Oak. Check out their website at

A good time was had by all.

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