Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rest In Peace Chuck Olmstead

Word arrived early this morning that Chuck Olmstead has passed away. He was 60. He'd been a TV reporter in this town for 34 years. Anyone who spent anytime downtown knew Chuck. I've been working in downtown Louisville for nearly all of my adult life and was thus one of those people. For several years I attended Christmas parties at his home or someone else's where, inevitably, a game of Trivial Pursuit ensued and Chuck and I were usually teammates. His wife and her friends were our loyal opposition. Those were always engaging games.

Chuck's colorful personality and delivery are Louisville Originals.

May God grant him and all the departed Peace.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Never married, liberal Democrat, born in 1960, opinionated but generally pleasant, member of the Episcopal Church. Graduate of Prestonia Elementary, Durrett High, and Spalding University; the first two now-closed Jefferson County Public Schools, the latter a very small liberal arts college in downtown Louisville affiliated with the Roman Catholic Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. My vocation and avocation is politics. My favorite pastime is driving the backroads of Kentucky and southern Indiana, visiting small towns, political hangouts, courthouses, churches, and cemeteries. You are welcome to ride with me sometime.