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472. Trivial Driving in Louisville

An orgy of festivities begins here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606 tomorrow with North America's largest fireworks show, known here as Thunder over Louisville, which come about 9:35 tomorrow night will be an understated description of the noise along the riverbank. Given the weather is (presently) forecast to be nice, upwards of 1,000,000 people will shove, push, and work their way as close to the shores of the Ohio, both here in Louisville and over in Clarksville and Jeffersonville, for our pyrotechnic extravanganza. From tomorrow through the First Saturday in May (and extending through the Day after Derby) folks from all over the United States will find their way to the 26th or 43rd (but not 16th or 17th) Biggest Little Country Town in the Republic.

This calls for a lesson on street names. As any native Louisvillian knows, some of our street's names can be confusing. A number of streets change names, some more than once. So, just for fun, I am offering a trivia game. There are, as usual, no prises shoud you win, just the pride you might have for knowing your way around Louisville. Listed below are several fill-in-the-blank phrases. Here is the deal - the first street name listed turns into the second street name listed at the intersection with the blank. Your job is to fill in the blank. No cheating. Do it from memory (unless you are from out-of-town, which gives you license to cheat). Each of these first-named streets turn into the second-named streets without having to make a turn, whether a slight turn or a full turn. Leave your answers in the comments section. Some of the answers are in the question - kind of like Jeopardy.

For Example:
Hikes Lane _______________ Browns Lane. The answer is Taylorsville Road.

1. East Manslick Road ___________________ South Park Road.

2. Robbs Lane ___________________ Applegate Lane.

3. Seventh Street Road ___________________ Manslick Road. (Two possible answers).

4. New Cut Road ___________________ Taylor Boulevard.

5. Baxter Avenue ___________________ Newburg Road.

6. Browns Lane ___________________ Hubbards Lane.

7. Southside Drive ___________________ Third Street Road.

8. Algonquin Parkway ___________________ Rodman Avenue.

9. Breckenridge Lane ___________________ Chenoweth Lane.

10. Brownsboro Road ___________________ Ballardsville Road.

11. Manslick Road ___________________ Saint Andrews Church Road.

12. Beulah Church Road ___________________ Fegenbush Lane

13. S. Third Street ___________________ Southern Parkway. (This is a trick

14. Winkler Avenue ___________________ Taylor Boulevard.

15. Goss Avenue ___________________ Poplar Level Road.

16. Fern Valley Road ___________________ S. Hurstbourne Parkway.

17. W. Manslick Road ___________________ Mount Holly Avenue.

18. Pindell Avenue ___________________ Oriole Drive.

19. Oakdale Avenue ___________________ S. Third Street.

20. E. Main Street ___________________ Mellwood Avenue. (This is a trick

21. S. 15th Street ___________________ S. 16th Street.

22. E. Oak Street ___________________ Winter Avenue.

23. S. Shelby Street ___________________ Preston Highway.

24. Newburg Road ___________________ Buechel Bank Road.

26. Klondike Lane ___________________ Bradford Avenue.

27. Hikes Lane ___________________ Produce Road.

28. S. 7th Street ___________________ Seventh Street Road. (There is
disagreement on this answer. I am looking for the Post Office definition).

29. New Cut Road ___________________ W. Manslick Road.

30. Saint Andrews Church Road ___________________ Greenwood Road.

31. W. Manslick Road ___________________ Keys Ferry Road.

32. Old New Cut Road ___________________ Penile Road.

Extra Credit:

Where is the street Louisville Metro officially calls Old Shepherdsville Road? Hint: It is not the street most of us mean when we say Old Shepherdsville Road (or "Old Shep") but it used to be.

Also, Louisville has three streets named Indian Trail which aren't connected. Where are they?

Happy Trails.

Enjoy the Thunder.

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