Sunday, May 17, 2009

482. River Road open west of 6th - and a birthday

Back on November 5, 2007, I wrote an entry entitled 7th Street North of Main Closed. I lamented in that entry that this block of 7th, a block dating from the very earliest of Louisville's history, was being closed off for the beginnings of a new and exciting waterfront building - well, properly it would have fronted on I-64 which itself fronts on the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606. Alas, the new I-64 fronting 61-story Museum Plaza is still just a bundle of sheets of plans, the very basic beginnings of which have taken place, but nothing of any great notice. If this were a child's erector set, most of the pieces to be erected are still in the box. But, there is one change. While 7th Street north of Main remains closed - it is actually closed north of Washington Street - River Road west of Sixth has now been reopened to its old traffic pattern, which is to swerve southward at 7th, then westward on Washington (which is really just the alley north of Main), and come to a narrow intersection with N. 8th Street, all at the rear of W. Main Street's very busy and popular 600 and 700 blocks, which include the Muhammad Ali Center and the Louisville Science Center. What this means, hopefully, is a lessening of the logjam of cars which since November 5, 2007 have been forced to turn south on 6th when they really wanted to turn south on 8th.

Maybe the City could erect some proper streetname signage at the intersections of 6th and 7th with River Road. Currently the only sign in the area is wrong, identifying N. 6th as S. 6th, which starts a block further south. Someday I will write more than one line on the state of our City's streetname sign system but not today as this is a happy entry. I'm happy that River Road has been extended to 8th. Ideally it will someday be extended to 15th as part of the new Riverside Parkway to replace I-64 as part of the 8664 project. Someday.


Unrelated: Today is the 13th birthday of my #2 niece, Kavesha. Happy Birthday Kavesha!

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