Friday, October 16, 2009

555. Its that time of year

I should probably write about KY555 on this 555th entry. I do not know how many triple-same-digit numbered highways we have in Kentucky. I can place KY111 in the east between Owingsville and Flemingsburg. I can't place a KY222 which in theory would be somewhere near KY22. Nor can I place any other similarly-numbered highways. But, I believe I've already written about KY555 in an entry in July 2008. Here is the link to that if you'd like to read it again:

So, instead, I'll write, briefly, about it being that time of year. What time of year you ask? Hallowe'en maybe? Thanksgiving? A celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception? (That's December 8th for you non-liturgical types). No, the time bearing time upon us is Christmas. Christmas, for you shoppers, is seventy days off.

Over the weekend, as I promised to do, I cleaned out the garden. In doing so I broke a rake and needed some other incidental stuff, which took me to the Lowe's over on the Veterans Parkway in Clarksville. To find the new rake, I had to make my way through Christmas paradise. Christmas trees, Christmas wreathes, Christmas wrapping, Christmas lights, and several renditions of Santa Claus. I was a little overwhelmed, although I did find a rake and it was on sale too, so all was not lost.

The yesterday, as I was leaving work, I noticed the City Works department people over in Jefferson Square. Their task? Adorning the trees and light standards with thousands and thousands of little white twinkling lights. I'm sure they will all look very nice for the Trick-or-Treaters in two weeks. Four weeks after that is Thanksgiving and Louisville's traditional "Light-Up Louisville" celebration, marking the beginning of the "holiday" season.

Alas, Christmas and its twelve day celebration doesn't start until - surprise - Christmas. Which, as stated earlier is seventy days hence.

Merry, merry!

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