Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring - Quick Notes

Some quick notes for this first day of Spring.

Tomorrow will be the biggest test thus far for President Obama's domestic agenda, a day which will set the pace and course for the remainder of his term. The Democrats are forcing through healthcare, finally delivering on a promise made in 2008. My congressman, John Yarmuth, has been a staunch supporter from the beginning for healthcare reform. In the last twenty-four hours, two congressmen from across the river have come on board, Indiana's 9th District Congressman Baron Hill of Seymour and the 8th District Congressman Brad Ellsworth of Evansville, the latter of whom is running to fill the seat being vacated by United States Senator Evan Bayh. It is a courageous move for Hill, and an even more courageous one for Ellsworth. Ellsworth will need the backing [read dollars] of every single healthcare reform supporter as he makes his race for this fall. His stock went up tremendously with this move. Three cheers for Baron Hill and three-times-three cheers for Brad Ellsworth.

More later. I'm off to the 10th Annual ACLU/Fairness Camapign Wiltshire Pantry Dinner. I'll be seated with my friend Morgan Ransdell, who is an attorney with the Kentucky Commission on Human Relations.

Happy Spring.

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Curtis Morrison said...

Lucky you- getting to sit next to Mr. Ransdell. He's so neat. My budget forebad suppressed my attendance this year, but my heart was with you guys!

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