Thursday, May 20, 2010

623. A Statement from Congressman John Yarmuth

From the Desk of Congressman John Yarmuth

May 20, 2010

Statement on Senate Candidate Rand Paul's Comments on Civil Rights Act

The comments by Senate candidate Rand Paul opposing the Civil Rights Act are simply appalling, and make it abundantly clear that he has no place holding public office in Kentucky in the 21st century. Our Commonwealth was the first state south of the Mason-Dixon Line to establish a Commission on Human Rights dedicated to ending discrimination and we have worked hard to show the nation that Jim Crow laws are a distant part of our history.

Rejecting the fundamental provision of the Civil Rights Act is a rejection of the foundational promise of America that all men and women should be treated equally -- a promise for which many Americans have lost their lives.

Leading is not hypothetical debating; its about solving real problems. It is the job of a Member of Congress to represent the needs of every one of their constituents, not to allow businesses to segregate or discriminate against them.

Rand Paul has already embarrassed Kentuckians in the eyes of the world. The Commonwealth deserves better because we are better - and I call on Mitch McConnell and my other colleagues in the Kentucky Congressional Delegation to join me in condemning his despicable views.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is great. Where did you find this?


TheGreatGangle said...

Saw this on Barefoot and Progressive as well. This, sadly, the only acceptable response to a series of statements Paul has made about not just his opinion concerning the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but the Fair Housing Act, and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Also, I know you have to be happy that your predictions understated the support for Fischer citywide. On to the general!

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