Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hidden Location #18 - Choice of two - WITH HINTS #1 and #2

The two streets in the three pictures below are related in an unusual way. I can't tell you how they are related because that would be too big of a clue. The first two pictures are the same street, with pictures of the left and right sides of the street. The third picture is a different street. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is three-fold. Identify either the first or second street (or both), and/or tell me how they are related.

As a bonus and a clue, the second street technically doesn't exactly qualify for the relationship, but because of its accessibility was chosen over the actual street which does. I have some hints if this one takes a while. I suspect people will identify the second street before the first one.

Good luck.

Here are the pics:

HINT #1 - First, I still think in terms of the "City" and "County" - I'm still a pre-Metro sort of guy. To that end, these are superlatives - the first street is one of three in both the old City and the county. The second one, because of the house that is out of view on the right, a yellow brick edifice, what some might call a mansion, is only a superlative in the old City.

HINT #2 - I've mentioned these streets are "superlative" in some way. Here is some help. The first street we're looking for in one of three which are superlative in both the old City and the County. The second street we are looking for is superlative only in the old City. Its counterpart in the county is Port Road. The "opposite" superlative to the first street is, in the old City Greenfield Avenue. In the county it is Kulmer Beach Road. The "opposite" of the second street - which really isn't a superlative but qualifies as it is the only access to a property which causes it to be a superlative - the yellow brick mansion I've previously mentioned - in the old City is Christian Court. In the county, it is Sycamore Ridge Drive.


Jacob Conway said...

I have never played this game, is it Long Run Road or Long Run Park, I seem to remember that street as I was campaigning last year.

Curtis Morrison said...

I recognize the width of the street in the 2nd picture to clearly be the 800 block of Cedar Grove Terrace.

Your clues only confuse me. I'm guessing the 3rd picture is either of Cedar Grove Rd in Shepherdsville, or of Woodland Rd off Cane Run Rd. But I wouldn't put money on either.

K33kat said...

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