Wednesday, January 4, 2012

717. Gatewood - and a birthday

Gatewood. You already know exactly who I mean if you have spent any time in Kentucky over the last three decades. I needn't give his first and last name - it isn't necessary.

My mother called earlier with the simple message, "Gatewood died." No explanation as to who she was calling about. And it isn't like she knew him, although like most Kentuckians, including me, she probably has cast one or more ballots in his favor on Election Days Past.

Gatewood Galbraith, of Lexington, died today at the age of 64. He was one of Kentucky's most colorful, insightful, and influential politicians never to hold office. As I said, everyone has voted for him for something, sometime. He ran for governor five times, including two months ago as an Independent.

Gatewood never hesitated to speak his mind and, perhaps, if he had four more elections to campaign in, he might have made it. What he did do was bring ideas and arguments to the table that otherwise would never have seen the light of day. Not all were good, nor were all bad. But they were all attention-getting. We will not be so fortunate to hear of his thoughts again.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Galbraith. You've got a whole new Kingdom to offer up ideas. God Bless.


The only other news, outside of the GOP circus going on across the Republic, is today marks the Fifth Birthday of the blog. With today's post, we enter our sixth year. Thanks Be To God.

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