Monday, April 2, 2012

728. Morning thoughts - April

I woke up this morning to 64 degrees and the remnants of a dream from somewhere through the night of my baptism, 37 years ago this month, at the Thixton Lane Baptist Church, which, oddly enough, wasn't on Thixton Lane but was instead on Cedar Creek Road in very rural southern Jefferson County on the Bullitt County line. I haven't been there in 35 years and the building is no more. That was a pleasant time.

My brother and I had attended the church with our neighbors, the Shumate family. Glen "Butch" Shumate was a dear friend. The three of us baptised that April. Butch's parents are long since gone and I haven't seen him since 2004.

The building where we were baptised is also gone, replaced by a newer, bigger structure on the same property about a block away, and now actually facing Thixton Lane. There was once a ballfield on that corner where I played some as a young teenager. The vicinity still retains a bit of the ruralness which was presented well 37 years ago, but new homes and subdivisions are slowly filling up the once sparse landscape.

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