Sunday, April 8, 2012

730. Easter + 50 = Pentecost

My previous Sunday night plans fell through since a friend hasn't yet returned from the Republic of Texas. Maybe I'll do nothing. I almost did nothing last night, waiting for an expected call to do something which never came. My Texas friend did, at least, text to say not tonight. And there's always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. I do feel considerably better today than I have the last few days. And I've seen, with the exceptions of a niece, uncle, and two aunts, the entirety of my Noble relations in the last six hours. That doesn't happen a lot. It has been a Happy Easter. The next "religious" festival is Pentecost, in fifty days. It is one of my favorites with the some of the most mystical words in Scripture telling the story, found in the first six verses of the second chapter of the Book of Acts. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Have a good night.

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