Saturday, November 3, 2012

754. A wild guess

A few days back I posted my Electoral College prediction for next Tuesday's election.  That has the president winning the college vote 270 to 268 - a win is a win.

Today's entry is my prediction for the race between Congressman John Yarmuth and his Republican opponent. 

I've shared this with a few people including the congressman in a phone text sent on November 1.  There is an error in the percentages, pointed out by my friend Stuart Perelmuter, as they do not take into account any votes received by the third candidate in the race, another man whose name I cannot recall, or any write-ins.  So much for precision.

Here are my predictions for the two standard-bearers.

John Yarmuth - 211430
His Republican Opponent - 150103

Like I said, a wild guess.  We'll see.

Three more days.

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Anonymous said...

I figured I'd give you my take from "Out West". Dems retake the 2nd house seat in Paducah. Retain the the 4th seat in Caldwell, Crittenden, and Livington counties, lose the 3rd (Graves & Western McCracken county) and 5th (Calloway & Western Trigg county) districts. In the 1st senate district race it goes by less than 500 votes either way. -GA

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