Friday, July 11, 2014

SB-21. Carroll County

The 21st county of our little game brings us to CARROLL COUNTY (named for Marylander Charles Carroll who signed the Declaration of Independence, for which Carrollton is also named). Who do you visit? Where do you eat?#KY120Game — with Charlotte Flanary and 16 others.
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  • Wes Wright Harold "Shorty" Tomlinson, former judge-exec, then manager of General Butler State Park. The park lodge is always a good bet for good food. if you prefer locally-owned, Welch's is probably your best bet. If time permits and I need jeans and/or khakis - Vanity Fair Outlet on 227. Lee & Wrangler for half price.
  • Marc Wilson All campaign stops must include Glover's Gun shop. Probably will eat at the Butler Lodge.
  • Jeff Noble Carrollton is not that far and I've found a new place down on Main Street to eat called, of course, Down On Main Street. It is a UK bar with some good steaks and BBQ ribs. Main Street in Carrollton is, frankly, well understated and unloved. Still, just around the corner, you can take 5th down to the banks of the Oh-Hi-Oh and have a pretty good evening.

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