Monday, July 21, 2014

SB-27. Clinton County - See Entry #777 for an explanation of the SB- prefixed posts

#27 is CLINTON COUNTY (Albany, named for DeWitt Clinton, 6th Governor of NY). Who do you visit & where do you eat? #KY120Game — with Charlotte Flanary and 16 others.
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  • Matt Osborne I have been waiting for this one. Clinton County has always been a pass through county for me, so when I passed through two weeks ago, I made sure to stop and eat with this game in mind. I stopped at a little joint on 127 (I think it was called Jones') for a sandwich...I'll go back.
  • Travis M. Scott This is one of the few counties that I have never been to actually.
  • Cindy Starner Cannon Jones is a great place to eat - you can visit with Mae Girkey if she is at the lake!
  • Kathy Jo Stubblefield I've been through Clinton County, but never stopped. But if I were headed in that direction, I'd call on Steve and Janet Clark who have twice made the 213 mile drive from Albany to Murray to attend our JJ dinner.
  • Julia Bright Crigler David Cross and only had coffee and donuts there in Albany!
  • Trey Hieneman Passing through it tonight on the way to Dale Hollow for the 4th.
  • Jeff Noble Clinton - even harder to get to than Elliott or Lawrence. I only know one person from there - Jamie McClard. But I see a name above in Ms. Cannon's post, Mae Girkey, which takes me back to the 1979 gubernatorial primary when I was the 3rd CD Youth Ch...See More
  • Jamie McClard Jone's is the only restaurant out of town people ever stop at. If you want local and AMAZING pizza, go to Major's. Also, any gas station there (Country Mart, Cumberland Corner, and Shell) has great food.

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