Saturday, August 9, 2014

SB-36. Floyd County

#36 is FLOYD COUNTY (county seat is Prestonsburg; named after James Floyd). Where do you stop to eat & who do you want to visit? #KY120Game — with Charlotte Flanary and 17 others.
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  • Travis M. Scott Floyd County. I work there, so I know so many people from Floyd that it's hard to list them all. But to eat: Lizzie B's Cafe Bakery, Dairy Cheer, Pig In A Poke, or PIT STOP BBQ (Go to Pig for the atmosphere, go to Pit for the ribs), and finally the Betsy Layne Dairy Bar.
  • Les Fugate Well, Mama and Papa Fugate are at the top of the list of must visits, right? I like Pig in a Poke and there is a new place that I need to try called the Brickhouse. My all-time favorite is Billy Ray's Playhouse. Exactly what you think of in terms of a small town diner. Love their food and you get to see everyone in town when you go. Also, gotta visit Jenny Wiley Theatre to see a show. I was actually shy, before I performed on stage there (I know that many of you will not believe that).
  • Charlotte Flanary First, I would visit my brother Brent then on the must see list would be my long time friend Michael Ward, Denzil and Janice Allen along with Ben Hale. No idea where to eat. There was at one time a pool hall there that made the very best hamburgers. When I lived and worked in Paintsville the staff at Rainbow Homes used to send someone there for hamburgers.
  • Matt Osborne I'm eating at Lizzy B's or Pig in a Poke. So many good people in Pburg to see, and I'd stop in at Little Rascals Boutique to say hello.
  • Katie Mueller Dairy Cheer first for a Florida Breeze. I'm gonna visit Nikki Burchett, Ned Ned Pillersdorf, and the Rosenburgs. Definitely stopping by Jenny Wiley Theater to see one of Scott Bradley's productions.
  • Matt Osborne And I must add, I am not shopping at Little Rascals for myself, I am far too large for those clothes and Sara and I do not have little ones. Our friend Allison Pack's family owns it and they have lots of cool stuff...if it fit, I'd wear it!
  • Jeff Noble I'd call John Warren McCauley, originally from Auxier, for some ideas and I'd probably look up Denzil Allen once there. And I'd probably end up at the state park in one of those lodge rooms with the wooden paneled walls, eating state park food at Dewey's. They have wine there now.
  • Kiran Bhatraju Go visit Eula Hall at the Mud Creek Clinic. Eat at Pig in a Poke

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