Saturday, August 9, 2014

SB-40. Garrard County

As of today, we are 1/3 the way through...

#40 is GARRARD COUNTY (county seat is Lancaster, named for Kentucky's 2nd Governor James Garrard). Who do you visit & where do you eat? #KY120Game
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  • Marisa FitzGerald Aull I would go and visit Mary Hixson at the Extension Office and then head to the Country Diner for some pie - GREAT meringue! Oh and I'd go and visit Former Rep. Lonnie Napier. He was my state rep. growing up in Berea - Even though he was a Republican and my dad was a Democrat and my dad probably wasn't going to vote for him, he would always come by and visit my dad during election time to say hi. He truly cared about his constituents and I've always admired that about him!
  • Jeff Noble Does Rep. Napier still have his store downtown on the square? I used to stop in there and see him now and then. I'd also look up Judge Mark H Metcalf. Mark got me involved in both Sigma Pi and UK Student Government. Not sure where to eat.
  • Katie Mueller Geesh. Garrard County has been not-as-popular. I've got nothing of personal accord-been to it and through it but don't have a personal connection or affinity, I don't think...
  • Matt Osborne Sorry, I'm a little behind. Is visit former Rep. Napier, current Rep. Shell at their family greenhouse and drop in in Judge Wilson. In eating at the restaurant at Herrington Marina if I have a little time to drive out of the way.
  • Travis M. Scott I'd stop in and see my uncle Curt, play some bluegrass and eat whatever aunt Dorothy cooks.

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