Friday, November 7, 2014

SB-105. Russell County

#105 is RUSSELL COUNTY (named after Colonel William Russell; county seat is Jamestown). Where do you eat & who do you visit? ‪#‎KY120Game‬
 — with Jared Smith and 18 others.
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  • Travis M. Scott I'd go to the Kentucky 4-H Conference Center in Jabez, and get the best cheddar bay biscuits in KY
  • Matt Osborne Ah, Russell County... The future home of my lake house. Grabbing breakfast at the BP (maybe now a Valero) four miles from the dam on 127. I'm fishing for trout on the river all morning then swimming at Clifty Creek in the afternoon.
  • Marc Wilson I'm saying hi to my friend Jeff Hoover and Josh Branscum and grabbing some grub at the Cove.
  • Jeff Noble I learned to clean fish on a stainless steel device of some sort just below the dam off 127 in Russell County. You may say "no big deal" but for an 11 year old from suburban Louisville, I assure you it was. I'd ask my friend Cindy Lamb to take me to her mother's for some food from the garden. Beyond that my guess is I'd be in the lake one way or another.
  • Cindy Lamb You eat and visit at my mom's house! No better country cooking, canning, and company! Jeff, sounds like you were below the Wolf Creek Dam at Kenwood park near the fish hatchery. I love Lake Cumberland lore. My uncles help build the dam.
  • Lou Ann Gore Flanagan You go to Coes and order a fish dinner and talk to Travis "proc" Hale. Then go to the lake either from Jamestown Marina or Lake Cumberland St Park. Then on yo Rockhouse Bottom
  • Lou Ann Gore Flanagan @Marc-cove is closed and sold at auction. Office bldg now
  • Adam Gibson My parents live in RC and I visit often. Apparently Coes fish has been remodeled and re-ventilated...they do a super fish fry. "Manners" on the Jamestown square makes a great burger and you can eat well while hanging out on Jamestown Marina...but I'd say Cindy's Mom's house would be your holy grail if you're really hungry:)
  • Lou Ann Gore Flanagan Manners is long gone but Russell Springs has Rusty Springs. Everything from your childhood you could possibly think of
  • Adam Gibson What?!?!

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