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SB-117. Webster County. See Entry #777 for an explanation.

#117 is WEBSTER COUNTY (named for Daniel Webster; county seat is Dixon). Where do you eat & who do you visit? ‪#‎KY120Game‬
 — with Jared Smith and 18 others.
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  • Jared Smith How are there still counties??
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  • Travis M. Scott I'd call Ashley S. Westerman, even though she's technically not there anymore.
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  • Ashley S. Westerman Hey-o! Yes, I grew up there and my parents still live in WebCo. How can I help? Are you really visiting or just want some highlights?
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  • Matt Osborne County consolidation should be explored by the GA in 15.
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  • Jared Smith Who is this Daniel Webster? What did he do to get a whole county?
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  • Travis M. Scott Ashley, we're at the tail end of a series of "people to see, places to eat and other things of note" in Kentucky.
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  • Sherman A. Brown Jared Smith - The county was named in honor of Daniel Webster, on of the greatest of American orators, statesmen and lawyers, and established in 1860.
    A trip on US 41A takes you to Webster County where the...
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  • Kathy Jo Stubblefield I would call Sue Melton and Karen Davis (President and Treasurer of Webster Democratic Woman's Club) and take their advice re dining.
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  • Ashley S. Westerman My father, Vernon Westerman, Chairman of the Webster County Democratic Party, would also be a good source too. He is good friends with both Sue Melton and Karen Davis. PM me if you want his number...he would be a good source for both current things in WebCo as well as past things, as he was born, raised and taught high school in the county for almost 30 years.
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  • Ashley S. Westerman But in terms of dining, there are some "institutions" in the county. The Poole Mill Restaurant in Poole, has changed hands A MILLION times since I've been a live and I'm only 26...but the food always turns out fantastic. In Sebree, the Sebree Dairy Bar...your typical American food, but has been there for ever and it's not bad. Jerry's Cafe in Clay, another solid meal that's been around for some time. I'm sure there are also places in Providence, the county's largest town...but I haven't been there in YEARS so they may have gotten something other than the McDonalds there in recent years I don't know about.  As for people to talk to...definitely talk to my Dad, he'd know.
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  • Matt Erwin KChan
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  • Robin Webb Rep. Jim Gooch and his lovely wife.
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  • Sandra Higgins-Stinson Only county in Ky where I was born , just live in Hopkins Co. now.We do drive to Sebree, only town in Ky where I was born , for cheeseburgers at the Dairy Bar!
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  • Jared Smith Sorry I dogged your county's name Kent A Chandler the only place I'd go is to Tommy Chandler's house.
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