Friday, January 2, 2015

788. Counties Visited in 2014

Every year since 1979 I've maintained a Kentucky Highway Map with the counties I visited through the course of the year.  In two of those years, 1979 (which prompted the idea) and 1987, I visited all 120 counties.  Both of those milestones can be attributed to participation in political campaigns.  I also maintain an Excel sheet of the visits so as to note how many times each county has made the list. And once again, two counties in particular escaped my driving, Lawrence and Elliott.  To date, the only two years I've made it to either were '79 and '87.

So attached is this year's map.  The westernmost point was in Fancy Farm of Graves County.  No surprise there although it is the first time I had made it down to the August event since 2011.  The easternmost point was crossing into Catlettsburg along I-64 in Boyd County just a few days ago.  I exited and spent a little time in Ashland and up to Greenup, where I had not been since Robin Webb's special election to the State Senate a few years ago.  The southernmost point was crossing through the Cumberland Gap in June on US25E.  Finally, the northernmost point was in northern Owen County during a summer drive.

I made it to a total of 47 of Kentucky's 120 counties.  So far the number for 2015 is 1.  For previous entries on this subject, see postings 258, 581, 671, 719, and 759.

Happy New Year.

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