Saturday, January 31, 2015

791. The occasional restatement of my political belief

As a kid (I'm now 54) I was probably something of a Southern Democrat. As a college student I started moving to the Left. I messed around with a leftist anti-war style of Libertarianism popular in the 1980s but abandoned it to an even more Leftist belief. Finally, once in my 30s and 40s, I came to realize that the America I knew was a fairly successful country and a fairly successful socialist country. Admittedly, it was so because of high taxes, taxes assessed on and paid mostly by the rich and the corporate. Since June 6, 1978 (or thereabouts), we have been systematically lowering taxes across the board, and especially as a percentage among the rich and corporate, and replacing them with fees and surcharges. a more pay-as-you-play system. I find this antithetical to the idea of "We the people" united in our effort to be more like our Constitution, where, in the Preamble, are the adjectives "domestic," "common," "general," and "our," and the plural pronoun "ourselves," all implying some connectivity to each other and our prosperity. I know I am in the minority among your readers but I still strongly believe our Constitution is complicit in our socialism.

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