Monday, January 22, 2007

18. State of the Blog

Last week the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Mayor gave his State of the Metro report. This week the President of the United States of America will give his report on the state of the Republic under his watch. If he is honest, if you can imagine George W. Bush to ever be so, he will follow the late Gerald Ford, who was known for his honesty and candor, and who in one of his State of the Union speeches was frank as well as honest when he reported the State of the Union was not good. Again, that will only happen if Mr. Bush is honest. In Frankfort, Governor Fletcher will offer a message of our Commonwealth under his watch. That should be interesting.

Here on the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606, we are in our nineteenth day. It will hopefully be a custom to report from time-to-time to those assembled in reading my blog. This is one of those times.

According to my blog counter, which any of you can read through at any time, I've had just over 200 visitors! Break out the Old Forester! Now, once you discount the 50 or so times I've accessed the site, the number stands at around 150. That's still enough to celebrate. From Kentucky, visits have been made from Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington, Newport, and Simpsonville. We have had visitors from at least eleven states other than Kentucky as well the District of Columbia, to wit: California, Washington, Michigan, Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, and Washington, D.C. We've also been viewed in several foreign nations, to wit: Canada (two provinces), Spain, Sweden (two provinces), and China. The locations of a few visitors cannot be determined.

As for topics, they haven't been quite as broad as I would have hoped. We've discussed the governments of our Metro, our County, our Commonwealth, and our Republic. We've had a wee bit of religious discussion, dabbled in history and genealogy, travelled to Florida and Washington, celebrated a few birthdays, touched on the theater, mentioned the weather (or lack thereof), and fallen into the too-easy topic of politics more often than I had planned, although politics has been my vocation and avocation for most of my life, so such excess is acceptable.

The one thing we haven't had are many comments. Mr. Nick Stump is our leading commenter with "more than one." He is tied with the ubiquitous Mr. Anonymous. We've had one "spam" comment, and one other one. I've referred to "my five readers." Maybe I have more, but only five have written.

So today we start our second nineteen days, maybe more. I'll report back later. If you have any suggestions, make them in writing by commenting to this post. Have a good week.


Daniel S. said...

My guess is that Betty Ford will be in attendance tomorrow evening.

Anonymous said...

the number of bloggers on the web are probably nearly equal to the number of fish in the ohio river. the fact that you have regular readers is an accomplishment. (yes you have regular readers) by looking at the ohio you cannot tell how many fish are swimming below the surface and if you only counted the number of fish you could see you would not have a very accurate count. you may be able to determine how many readers splash in your word stream by some mathematical count but that does not necessarily reflect how many people are "in it." so long as you write about stuff you care about people will come by, dip in, and occasionally take something from it to share with another person. so don't care too much about the numbers - at least not yet.

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