Tuesday, June 19, 2007

125. A Birthday, some fossils, some blogs, and a fossil of a Party Van


1. Yesterday was my oldest niece's birthday. I called Lindsey and wished her a Happy Birthday. I missed her birthday party held last Friday night at the Kingfish on River Road. She is the artist. She is now 20. At the time that I called her yesterday she was in a discussion with her mother and a friend about whether or not to buy a $100.00 purse. She was against the idea. Smart girl.

2. Today, for the second time since Oaks Day back at the beginning of May, it is raining here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River at Milepost 606. Twice in two months - imagine that. I want to get over to the Falls of the Ohio State Park, an Indiana state park, a park where most of the land is is Kentucky, and see the exposed fossil beds, which are more exposed than usual given the recent drought. The river is at its lowest levels since 1999 (but that might change with today's rain). I often guage the level of the river by glancing at some big red signs painted on the columns supporting the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge (also known as the Louisville Memorial Bridge, as well as the Second Street Bridge); the signs are warning signs of some sort. If I can see the bottom of the sign, then the water is low. I noticed the bottom just the other day for the first time in years.

3. I've neglected to thank two fellow bloggers who have linked my blog on their own blog-pages - actually one is a female who might take offense at me calling her a "fellow." First, Paul Hosse writes the "Another Opinion" blog based here in Louisville. He is a former Democrat-turned-Republican-turned Independent. You may want to visit him sometime. The other is Diane Brumback, a northern Kentucky based activist, a resident of Boone County, who belongs to a variety of civic, political, and feminist organizations. Her blog is called "Kentucky Women: Power, Passion, and Politics - except that she doesn't utilize the Oxford Comma after the word "passion," a practice of mine and of Stuart Perelmuter, of Congressman Yarmuth's office in Washington DC, one which we discuss now and then in personal emails. Links to their respective blogs appear below.

Paul and Diane become the second and third bloggers to do this. Back when I first started, a Northern Kentucky University student named Daniel Solzman linked up right away. His blog is called the Kentucky Democrat. He is currently on a hiatus in Israel. His link is also posted below.

4. Speaking of Diane's blog, someone - one of those unidentified commenters who are legion in the blogosphere - asked me to post my email in an entry of hers concerning a "Party Van," and not a "party van," which the State Democratic Party owns and which allegedly has been sold to the father of its new Vice Chair, Jennifer Moore. I'm not familiar with the sale, if indeed there has been a sale, which apparently there hasn't. In fact I've been assured by the daughter of the father of the State Party Vice Chair that her father has not bought the van nor would he be interested in the purchase of a van with perhaps 300,000 miles on it, one I am familiar with. I'm presuming the van in question is the one my friend Bill Ryan has been driving all over the state in his work for the Party trying to get the local Executive Committees organized, but I don't really know. If it is, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Not long ago I had to help Bill get it started. In any event, I left my email for "whoever" to contact me about "whatever" it is I can add to their discussion.

That's all.



Nick Stump said...

Ah yes, the Oxford comma. Time to get the Strunk and White out and maybe a good style. I punctuate as if they were road signs leading to the end of the sentence. Sometimes I drive off the road in mid-paragraph.

Nick Stump said...

That would be, good style book.

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