Saturday, July 7, 2007

133. Even today's entry number adds up to 7

July 7, 2007. It doesn't look all that cool written out as such. But, numerically, it reads 07/07/07, or maybe even 7 7 7 . Triple sevens! Any casino player will tell you that is quite ominous, but in a good way. As the title states, even my entry number adds up to seven. That was not planned, but I am not surprised. Numbers (or numerology) have always interested me. We live in blessed times - bless-ed, two syllables, the pronunciation indicating something supernatural as opposed to blessed, one syllable, which pronunciation indicates something divine. Last night in watching a rerun of West Wing, numbers played a part. The show centered around the age-old discussion of whether an egg can be balanced on its end during the Autumnal equinox. While the story of the egg is usually associated with the Spring equinox - think Spring, new flowers, new plants, an egg for new birth, hence the time Christians assigned to the Resurrection. Associating the egg balancing trick with the Autumnal equinox has less significance. But, it can be done - probably on any given day in the year for that matter. But, I digress. In last night's episode, a repeat from Season Four, the egg-balancing act was to occur on the Autumnal equinox, a date important to me personally. Also, during the episode, one of characters responding to a question of "what time is it?" offers that it is 9:23. 9/23 is the Autumnal equinox. Were they just playing with us? Who knows. 9/23 is also my birthday - not that I want you to go out and start buying anything. There are 78 days remaining before then - you have time. Today, 7/7, is the birthday of a girl I used to chase around my Aunt Frances' house and garden when I was a very young teenager. We also went swimming a lot the summer and fall of 1974 in Benson Creek, either at Red Bridge or behind the North Benson Baptist Church, along KY 1005 in western Franklin County. Her name is Anne Rochelle Dean, but she goes by Shellie. Happy Birthday, Shellie.

So, go balance an egg. Who needs an equinox when you have triple sevens.


MaDonna White said...

Happy 07/07/07 to you Mr. Noble. My birthday is the 26th of September.

Anonymous said...

07/07/07 Was the greatest day of my life!

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