Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I've got too many irons in the fire - need to take a break, or break away from some of it.

I'm helping two different candidates for Metro Council, although I'm not doing either one of them a lot of good, but I think I am doing both of them some good. Both have been out walking their respective precincts. One has already begun putting up [the dreaded] yard signs and sent out some mail. He is at a neighborhood meeting this evening. The other is a little behind but is still working hard. We are meeting Sunday morning to work on a mail plan for him. Both will need to work hard to win. One is against an incumbent; the other in an open seat. For the one, though, winning the Primary will suffice. The district heavily favors one Party and he is a member of that Party. The other will have a whole 'nother race this fall, and his district doesn't lean too heavily either way.

I'm also helping a candidate for District Judge, although I admittedly know I am not an expert by any stretch of thought in her race. Her father has been a good friend, so I am helping. It is a problem in that she is running against another friend of mine and both are well qualified. Either will be an excellent choice.

I'm also helping a young friend in his run for one of the seats on the local Democratic Executive Committee. I'd like to have a friend there as my term as By-Laws Chair will expire in about two weeks and I do not anticipate getting re-appointed, which is good, I guess. But I am intending to seek re-election to the State Central Committee, where I serve on the State By-Laws Committee, but again, I do not anticipate getting reappointed to that committee either. Getting elected there requires staying involved in the LD elections which are coming up on April 12. Delegates to the State Convention will be elected on that date and it is the votes of those delegates I need for my re-election. I'm also answering questions of whoever asks about how to get to the National Convention as a delegate, which is not an easy task. And I'm still undecided about for whom I will cast a vote for President on May 20.

And, finally, I am going to be doing some work on behalf of the re-election efforts of Congressman John Yarmuth - not the role I played in 2006, but a similar if somewhat diminished one.

On an entirely different front, I've got two close friends out of work, including one who rents a house from me, and that is making life a little complicated. In my life, I've been in the exact same position as my tenant and I will be as lenient as were my landlords in my times of need, which was very. I am hopeful that situation will change but I am aware the economy just plain sucks right now and there is little room for hope, nor does hope seem to want to rear its head beyond the next horizon, so I'll just patiently wait.

Also, 2008 was to be the year I finished my journey through religion and either found a new church home or re-upped in the one I've had for nearly thirty years. I am no where near making a decision, but it is significant to me that on Easter Sunday I attended an Episcopal mass and not a Catholic one.

On the bright side, Spring seems to be finally springing. I rode the #17 bus into work this morning, but upon leaving the office about 5:10 this afternoon I decided to walk the fifteen or so blocks back home given the weather was so nice. It was a pleasant walk - one that I needed. I actually need to do a lot of that. This summer will mark the 30th anniversary of my high school graduation, one of the happiest times in my life. At the time, I weighed 135 pounds, had an enormous amount of hair [some of you have seen the pictures], and still had a considerable accounting of my senses. Today, the scales register about 90 pounds more pounds, none of which is hair as I have very little, and as for my senses, I can't remember where I've lain them.

Ok, that's the end of today's lament.

For entertainment and fantasy travel escape, I have been rereading at night my favorite novella for entertainment and fantasy travel escape. Some of the lesser characters of the book are Zizi, Georgette, Mrs. Braddocks, and the Basques on the bus with the wine. Do you know the book?

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Ben Basil, Esq. said...

Basque's drinking wine from those bota bottles? That is "The Sun Also Rises" by my man Ernest Hemingway. If I am right, what do I win?

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