Saturday, April 19, 2008

319. Post-quake; post-modern political texting


The quake did little apparent damage here along the Left Bank of the Ohio near Milepost 606. Two buildings not very far apart suffered the loss of bricks - the Cosmopolitan Building at 3rd and Kentucky lost bricks from its south facing wall, while five blocks away the Inn At The Park Bed and Breakfast, at 4th and Park (and sporting a Ken Herndon for Metro Council sign in their yard) lost a chimney. The unapparent damage will take more time to uncover.

Yesterday, I received a political text-message on my phone, the first I have ever received, probably given that I am in too old a demographic for this to be a common occurrence for me. My phone company provider sent a message for me to "use my unlimited voice by registering to vote by April 21, 2008." It offered I could go online to their website to do so. I found that intriguing and refreshing. And I felt a little younger, now that I am in on the messaging craze.

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Dave said...

Jeff, this is probably part of At&T's joint registration effort with Rock the Vote.

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