Friday, April 18, 2008


The truth is I am still a little shook up. At 5:39am I found myself on the floor as opposed to in the bed. Then my phone rang and my neighbor confirmed what I already suspected - we had had an earthquake. Then a friend called and asked what had happened. Then, honestly, I went back to sleep for a few minutes.

It took the local media not very long to report the same - a 5.4 magnitude centered in New Salem, Illinois, which is about 150 miles due west of Louisville. I've been there once - just drove through.

Here is the link to the United States government's report of the quake:

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Bruce Maples said...

Get this -- I had gone to the office VERY early (like, 5 AM) to try to catch up on some work. So, I was sitting on the NINETEENTH FLOOR of Waterfront Plaza East when the quake hit, and feeling the FLOOR MOVING UP AND DOWN was -- disconcerting, to say the least.

I thought about running out of the building, but finally decided "Oh, what the hell -- if it falls, it will fall faster than I can go down the stairs. Drink some more coffee."

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