Tuesday, July 29, 2008

364. Pretty Damn Hot

Temperature 91 degrees - this at 8:26 pm. It was up to 94 earlier.

Today is the hottest day on record in Louisville and elsewhere in the state, from back in 1930, when the temperature here reached 107 degrees. It was even hotter in Shelbyville - 112 degrees - and even hotter in Bowling Green - 113. I haven't been through Bowling Green since last summer when my friend and I took the long way to Fancy Farm, staying on I-65 past E' Town and crossing the Commonwealth along the bottom of the state on US 68/KY 80. Later this week, I'll likely avoid Bowling Green and stick to the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway to make the long journey into Kentucky's western reserves. Today's hot weather is probably just a hint at what the weather will be like in Graves County come Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm when the politicians start adding to the hot air. The current forecasted temperature for Saturday afternoon in Fancy Farm is 96 degrees, where it is currently a very warm 88 degrees.

The summer I got (with my father's help) my first home, in Camp Taylor in Louisville in 1983, it was 105 - actually the weekend I moved in. And I had failed to have the electricity turned on. I camped out on the carport, aided in breathing by a huge cafeteria fan my brand new next door neighbor, the late J. F. Rice, who went by Jeff, lent me, along with the electricity from his garage to power it. Jeff was a great neighbor. I had gone to high school with his daughter and was also somehow - how I forget - friends with his son-in-law Scott.

On a different note, someone asked me about something I left unclear in the previous entry on KY 248. The question was "is the beginning of the road still a narrow zig-zaggedy path, or was it straightened out in the new parkway?" It is newer, straighter, and wider, with the old KY 248 up on the left bank to the west of the new roadway. Happy to clear that up.

That's all for now. We'll probably have one more entry before leaving for Fancy Farm, then a short break afterward. Enjoy the outdoor sauna. It will be Winter before we know it.

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