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376. Genealogy 1666-2008, with a few earlier dates

My last entry drew one comment and a few emails with inquiries, but none of them said they were the 3:47 visitor from Atlanta. Nonetheless, I thought I'd follow up with another genealogy entry.

In the previous post, I mentioned three family lines, GALBRAITH, NOBLE, and HOCKENSMITH. The HOCKENSMITH is the most well known and there are several "cousins" who have been contributing to the research over many years, a number of whom I have exchanged emails with and all of whom know much more about it than I do. I am an amateur, they are pros. Similarly, much of what I know on the other lines has been gleaned from others' works.

Having said all thought, I wanted to trace back for you the line which reaches furthest back in time. The earliest known confirmed birth year I have is for Henry Brawner, born in 1627, married to Mary Elliott, born in 1629. But I am not sure of a few generations between 1682 and 1762. I have the names, but the dates don't work. I can follow the Galbraith line back to a confirmed birth date of 1666. Here is the Galbraith list, starting with Yours Truly.

1. Me. Jeffrey Thomas Noble, born 1960, Louisville, KY.
I am the son of Barbara Ellis Hockenmsith, born 1940, Frankfort, KY.

2. My mother. Barbara is the daughter of Vivian Thomas Lewis, born 1916 in Frankfort, died 1976 in Louisville.

3. My Grandmother. Vivian was the daughter of Rachel Scott Brawner, born 1895, died 1967, in Frankfort.

4. My Great-Grandmother. Rachel was the daughter of Henry Murray Brawner, born November 3, 1874, died February 20, 1900 in Frankfort.

5. My 2-Greats-Grandfather. Henry Murray Brawner was the son of James Galbraith Brawner. James was born February 25, 1846 and died March 18, 1918.

6. My 3-Greats-Grandfather. James Galbraith Brawner was the son of Robert A. Brawner who married Mary Catherine Murray on November 25, 1829 in Franklin County, Ky. Mary Catherine Murray was born in 1811 and died in Pennsylvania in 1851.

7. My 4-Greats-Grandmother. Mary Catherine Murray was the daughter of James Galbraith Murray and Anna Catherine Schneider, who after Murray's death married a Winebrenner. James Galbraith Murray was born February 20, 1781, baptized in the Trinity Lutheran Church of Donegal Township, Lancaster County, Pa. on April 12 of the same year and married Elizabeth Galbraith in 1779. I do not have a death date for James G. Murray.

8. My 5-Greats-Grandfather. James Galbraith Murray was the son of of Dr. Leckey (or Lackey or Lecky) Murray, born in 1750 in Tyrone, Ireland and Elizabeth Galbraith. I do not have a birth date for Elizabeth Galbraith. She died in 1846.

9. My 6-Greats-Grandmother. Elizabeth Galbraith was the daughter of Col. Bertram Galbraith and Anna Scott. Col. Bertram Galbraith was a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania hero of the "Big Runaway" battle of July 3, 1778. Colonel Galbraith was born September 24, 1738, married Anna Scott on March 30, 1759, and died March 9, 1804 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

10. My 7-Greats-Grandfather. Col. Bertram Galbraith was the son of Lt. Col. James Galbraith, Jr., who was born in Ulster, Ireland in 1703, married to Elizabeth Bartram at Christ Church Episcopal Church in Philadelphia on April 6, 1734, and died in East Pennsboro, Pa., on Febraury 2, 1799. He and his wife are buried in the Derry Churchyard in Lancaster county.

11. My 8-Greats-Grandfather. James Galbraith, Jr. was the son of James Galbraith of what is now Northern Ireland. He was born in 1666 and died August 23, 1744 in Donegal, Pennsylvania. Galbraith, Jr.'s mother was Rebecca Chambers, probably born in 1667, but that has not been confirmed. There is no record that James, Sr. and Rebecca were ever married.

12. My 9-Greats-Grandfather. James Galbraith, Sr. is believed to be the son of a John Galbraith, also of what is now Northern Ireland, born about 1640 but his birth date cannot be confirmed. John would be my 10-Greats-Grandfather if confirmed. Rebecca Chambers, my 9-Greats-Grandmother, is known to be the daughter of Arthur Chambers. He is thought to have been born in what is now Northern Ireland in 1645 but this too has not been confirmed. If confirmed, Arthur would also be a 10-Greats-Grandfather.

Again, I can go back another generation or so following the Brawner line, but there are some funny numbers along the way. At some other time, we'll do this again. Do you recognize any of these names? We might just be cousins. After all, we all are sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

Eliz. Galbraith was born 1760 (Married to Leckey Murray)

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Galbraith/Murray info from
Sheila Murphy (decendant)

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The Archives at Milepost 606


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