Sunday, September 7, 2008

383. Apologies

The first apology is to the Hon. Jennifer Moore, Chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party.


Dear Jennifer --

This letter is to put into writing the words I offered to you in person the night of the last State Central meeting. As I said then, the events of the last several weeks - and now months - have been pleasant for none of us. Much of that is considered to be my doing.

I am aware the actions I took in response to what I believe occurred at the State Convention have had repercussions well beyond what I intended. I know that we disagree on what happened and nothing either of us can say will change the opinion of the other. However, my response has created problems for you and others and that was not then nor is it now my intention.

When faced with a decision to act or react, sometimes such a decision comes without knowing, or in some cases, without even considering, the scope of both the problem perceived and any possible solution. My actions are such as these. I neither knew nor considered what all was involved.

I cannot go back and undo the words spoken or untype the words written which have created the places we now find ourselves in. Nor would I have spoken or typed them if I knew the rancor and division they would cause. And for those reasons I owe you an apology.

I have struggled through these last few weeks knowing that you and I have been friends for some time, that we see each other on a regular basis, that we are likely to encounter each other in our future political lives, and that we have a number of mutual friends, most especially Dan. You have never been anything less than professional and polite through all of this and for that alone I am indebted to you.

And of course, I am known to be fan of yours. It is now my hope to rebuild the former relationship between us, if that is possible, which I hope and believe it to be. Such a rebuilding requires an apology, although it is one I have already given you in Frankfort - one I gave immediately upon it being requested and one I am confident was sincere. I am happy to do so again. It is offered with a depth of humility and sincerity. And it is one I am hopeful you will accept - not just to put an end to the current differences between us, but to reclaim our friendship, both personal and political.

With great respect,

-- Jeff


The second apology is to the Hon. Kerry Morgan, Legal Counsel for the Kentucky Democratic Party.


Dear Kerry --

I know you are expecting an apology from me and more importantly, I understand you deserve one. This series of events has been a most trying time and I am aware my actions have seemingly made it so for you, and for that reason alone I should be remorseful, and am. The course of action I took in response to what I felt happened at the State Convention was taken without fully understanding the consequences. I acted emotionally and without much thought. The expressions I made cannot be taken back by a mere apology or deletion from a blog. And the resulting chasm I've apparently created cannot be surmounted with a few short words. These things I am greatly aware of. Nonetheless, I offer these few short words here, alone, and without any excuse, a sincere and contrite apology.

I have been humbled and diminished by how my actions were taken and I hope to someday overcome those perceptions, if not with you, then with others for whom these actions were perhaps harmful and injurious.

I know that in this place and in this time I have made errors judged by you and others to be offensive and demeaning, and for these actions you have my sincerest apology, complete and without condition.

-- Jeff


The third apology is to the members of the Kentucky Democratic Party State Central Executive Committee.


To the members of the State Central Executive Committee --

This letter serves as an apology for the situation I've created, which for some of you has been your first order of business as a member of the Committee. In Appealing the reported results of the 3rd Congressional District election to you, it was not my intention to harm the Kentucky Democratic Party, its Executive Committee, or the work it is intended to do. Nonetheless, there has been harm done by my actions in the eyes of several members. For that, I sincerely apologise.

-- Jeff Noble


These apologies were submitted to and accepted by the Kentucky Democratic Party Chair, Legal Counsel, and State Central Executive Committee at its meeting yesterday at the Kenlake State Resort Park in Aurora, Kentucky.


Nick said...

I don't know all the details about what you're apologizing for, but the last letter - addressed to the members of the State Central Executive Committee - makes it sound like you're apologizing simply for filing an appeal to Executive Committee election results. I'm confused about why such an action would require an apology if you weren't 100% confident in the results, or how such an action could possibly harm the KDP. Seems like swallowing your uncertainty and letting it fester could potentially do a lot more damage than pursuing appropriate procedural measures to resolve that uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back on the State Central Executive Committee Coordinating Council In-Hoc-Seritus Group for All Things Democratic ... or whatever its name is. I'm glad this is (supposedly) over. And I'm glad that someone of your calibre is still willing to serve.

As for the apologies -- meh. Or, feh. Or, bleah. Or any word that rhymes with b--- s---. I don't think YOU owed anyone, anywhere, an apology -- but a whole slew of people owe you one. (And Ken Herndon, too --- but that's a topic for another day.)

Take care, friend, and remember -- illigitimi non carborundum.

Jake said...


Glad you're back on the SCEC.

I'm proud of you for standing up to ignorant threats and for doing what's right for Democracy.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Some folks at a meeting tonight said they actually thought you owed and gave apologies! You are the one owed apologies, by many. Glad your knowledge still will be a resource to these folks.

JeffNLou said...

I think it's very gracious of you, Jeff, to apologize and set a tone for moving forward. Unfortunately, society and culture have evolved to a point where apology comes across as weak, capitulating, and appeasing. The same can be said for compromise. I'm concerned that, given the current state of society and culture, that many will misinterpret these apologies. To that I only wish you had, perhaps, phrased all of these missives as "acknowledgements", maybe. I think the current buzz-phrase in business-circles is "mission statement". Nonetheless, I'm delighted that you are, rightfully, placed on the SCEC and I think we will all benefit from your participation there.

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