Sunday, September 28, 2008

392. Reunion Weekend

Last night I realized I was older than I remembered being. I went to the Durrett High School Class of 1978 30th Reunion - my gradution class. There were maybe 100 of us there, including some spouses and non-1978 grads, at Masterson's looking at each other's faces for more than a second before giving in to looking at each others' name tags trying to identify ourselves to each other with folks we had spent 3, 4, 6, or in some cases 9 years with every classroom day. Truthfully though, most names came back pretty easily despite some gray hairs (or lack of hair) and few pounds on some of us - the clear exception being Grant Lane, who looked pretty damned impressive for a 30 year reunion. Amazingly, most of us still live here in Louisville, and more than a few live within a few miles of our Alma Mater, located at 4409 Preston Highway, but now called Louisville Male High School as opposed to Sallie Phillips Durrett High School. Still, a comment I heard over and over was that despite our close proximity, few of us ever see any of us.

We had dinner and drinks and dancing, with entertainment provided by the bank R U O K, a Durrett original, with two of the members part of the original foursome being former Durrett students, Jerry Rubieau ('78) and Joe Shaw ('79). For several numbers, band drummer Tony Schnell, also a Durrett grad, relinquished his post to the band's original drummer, Grant Lane.

Stories were told and memories recalled, although not all of them all that clearly. For most of the night, I sat with Liz Calloway and her husband, Tammy Scott and her husband Mike Hoerter (also a '78 grad), Dana O' Leary and her husband, and Jackie Frost, who like me was there unescorted. Quite a few members of the athletic prowess of the Class of '78 was on hand including Greg Butler, a multi-sport standout who worked the room like a seasoned politician, greeting and chatting with every one there. Jimmy Hayes, now a retired Marine, was someone I don't think I've seen since graduation day back on June 2, 1978.

The event was organized by Elaine Curry (now married to Lindsey Sibert, who I think was an '81 grad), Ron Huff, Sheila Murley, and Mary Shaughnessy. Our class president, Missy Cook, was missing but our faculty sponsor, Judy Newsome, wasn't. When the time came for the class picture, she resumed her former role, organizing us basically by shouting out orders as to who should stand where.

Eventually the end of the night came and hugs and well-wishes were offered around the room. It was a really good time.

Today, I'm headed for a different reunion, a family reunion in Frankfort for the descendants of my mother's mother's parents. This one will be held at the Game Farm and a much bigger crowd is expected than the event I attended last night. Mostly this will be a time to see the remaining brothers and sisters of my grandmother, who passed away in 1976, nine years after her mother and three years before her father. We'll also see whose kids have kids, and which of those kids have more. I generally know a lot of these folks seeing three or four at a time through the years. There will be lots of food and drink and probably some homestyle music as well, as the family has its share and amateur (and one young up-and-coming professional) musicians.

I had a great time last night and am looking forward to today.

Have a good week.

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