Tuesday, February 9, 2010

594. Seven Inches among other things

It is snowing here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606, and it has been since about 2 a.m. I measured the white stuff about an hour ago in my front yard with a reading of 4 inches. The National Weather Service, in one of those instances where they got the forecast exactly right, they are now saying will get at least 3 more inches. Some places already have that much, especially in central and southern Kentucky. It isn't the two or three feet experienced in the Nation's Capital this week, but it is more than I can recall falling around here in several years. Seven inches works for me. I like the snow.

But as a sign of getting older, something I'll be doing in grand fashion come September, crossing the threshold of a half-century of living, I find myself complaining more and more about "the cold." I first noticed this phenomena - both the cold itself and me complaining about - in 2008 when I was, for the most part, 47. That was the same year I first noticed the wrinkles in my hands. It was also the same year I started rubbing my feet with alcohol, first, followed by baby oil. None of these were things I planned on doing til, you know, later, when I got old. Sunday after church one of the ladies expressed the thought that she was tired of the cold already and didn't like the forecast of snow. My response was I still like the snow. In fact, liking the snow is one of the ways of fighting against the inevitabilites of time. I told her I was afraid to stop liking the snow - that such a change of heart was simply a step which might lead down the slippery slope of aging.

Maybe it has just been the year itself. It has gotten off to a slow start, just as it did last year with the ice storm. Last year I added to the cold by going to Washington and standing in the 17 degree weather for six and half hours waiting to see the new president inaugurated. It took me til March to warm up. I doubt I've been outside (meaning not in the house, car, or other building) for six and half hours thus far this year. And as for travelling, this year's county count thus far is three: Jefferson, Shelby, and Franklin. I haven't even made it to Bullitt. It's very disappointing. And such a start has revealed itself in this year's blog postings. They've been limited to say the least.

For now - meaning right this moment - I'm going to bundle up and take a walk, maybe down to the skatepark or over to Market Street. I've got nothing else to do. Meetings later today may have been cancelled. Tomorrow's schedule includes the Metro Democratic Club's monthly meeting. It is the annual address to the club by His Honor the Mayor of Louisville-Jefferson County Metro, the last one for the current holder of that office as he did not seek re-election. The meeting will be at the American Legion Hall on Bardstown Road. It starts at 6:30 pm.

Enjoy the snow.

My house this morning.

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