Tuesday, February 23, 2010

599. Light Travel

I finally made it out of the familiar confines of Jefferson, Shelby, or Franklin counties. A little trip over the weekend to me first to the northeast, then later to the southwest, added a few new outlined areas to my 2010 Map of Counties Visited.

Still it has been a struggle getting started - it is almost like 2010 is just getting off the ground. Between the cold and the snow, and some family issues - my dad spent nearly nine days in the hospital recently - it has been difficult to get away.

But, I do have travel plans this year - not just to other counties, but also to othere states. My annual trip to Washington, which seems to take place far less annually than I would like, should happen one weekend soon. Later this spring is Puerto Rico, the island Commonwealth. I'll get back to Fancy Farm this summer - I know it is in Kentucky but at 222 miles away, I might as well be in another state.

And this fall who knows. This fall - that is the very beginning of this fall - marks, as you know, the 50th anniversary of my nativity. There will be a celebration - maybe two.

But for now, my travels are mostly the mile drive westward from home to work or the mile drive eastward from home to the Fischer for Mayor campaign HQ. That's not much distance from an admitted free-will wanderer.

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